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10 Best Caiman Boots to Enhance Your Exotic Collection

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Caiman leathers are the best entry-level exotic leather for shoes, specifically cowboy boots. Recently, I managed to save some money to buy a pair of caiman boots.

I have the experience and I know the attributes of an authentic caiman boot. However, I wasn’t truly aware of the latest models and brands. So, I decided to do research for a few days to find out the best caiman boots for myself. 

As I don’t want to keep my knowledge to myself, I decided to write an entire article about this to let you know. Also, I’ll answer your relevant queries here. 

I’ve got the list of the boots and their detailed reviews in the following section. Yet, if you don’t have plenty of time just go through the quick recommendation. 

Quick Recommendations 

Comparison of the Top 10 Caiman Boots 

Product Weight Highlights 
Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Charles Western Boot5lbsShaft height: 13″Heel height: 1.75″
Ariat Men’s Double Down Western Boot2lbsShaft height: 13″Heel height: 1.5″
Tony Lama Men’s Cognac Hornback Caiman Western Boot4lbsShaft height: 11”Heel height: 1.5”
Los Altos Original Brown Caiman Round Toe Boot6lbsShaft height: 13″Heel height: 1.5”
Ariat Men’s Relentless Pro Western Boot5.7lbsShaft height: 13″Heel height: 1.5”
Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Rio Western Boot1.8lbsShaft height: 13″Heel height: 1.5”
Los Altos Men’s Biker Design Genuine Leather Caiman Tail Western Boots5.5lbsShaft height: 13″Heel height: 1.5
Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Franklin Western Boot5.5lbsShaft height: 13″Heel height: 1.5
Dan Post Boots Men’s Kingsley Caiman Square Toe Boots Mid Calf 6lbsShaft height: 11”Heel height: 1”
Los Altos Original Brown Caiman (Gator) Tail LeatherJ-Toe Boot6lbsShaft height:Heel height:Sole:

1. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Charles Western Boot

  • Upper Material: Cowhide leather
  • Weight: 5lbs


  • Genuine leatherd
  • Imported from Mexico
  • Cushioned leather insole
  • Leather outsole
  • Approximately 13″ from arch to end of the shaft
  • About 1.75″ high heel
  • About 14.25″ in diameter is the boot opening

The first time I saw these cowboy boots, I was truly impressed by their craftsmanship. The handmade cording patterns are featured on the quarters and the exotic belly caiman decorates the vamp. I’m pretty sure you’ll love its exotic look. 

If you ask me about its appearance, I don’t have any complaints about it because these handmade boots are made with extra care. But you know design isn’t everything when it comes to buying a pair of boots. 

Honestly speaking, comfort and fitting are the main priority for me. I think you strongly consider these couple of factors too.

In this boot, the leather-covered cushioned insole and leather lining work in harmony to provide comfort and fit. There is a wide range of sizes available to fit your feet.

Moreover, with the leather-made heel and heel counter, you’ll get good heel support from this boot. 

Most importantly, this pair of boots is durable. Since you’re spending quite a lot of money, durability is a must. The insole and outsole are connected together with a welt which ensures heel-to-toe stitch construction. 

If you want comfort, fitting, and exotic looks, this boot from Lucchese is always ranked at the top of the list.


There’s no serious drawback to this boot truly. However, a few people claimed that these boots didn’t fit on their feet. The main reason behind this problem is their wide feet. You can eliminate this problem by choosing your boot from the wide toe section. 

2. Ariat Men’s Double Down Western Boot

Upper Material: Caiman gator belly and a full-grain leather 

Weight: 2 lbs


  • Leather embroidered 13” shaft
  • Leather lining
  • Brown exotic caiman gator foot
  • Wide square toe
  • Barnyard acid resistant outsole
  • 1.5″ heel height
  • ATS Pro technology for stability and comfort
  • Full-grain leather shaft with the nine-row stitch pattern
  • Goodyear® leather welt

Elegance meets quality, talking about Ariat Men’s Double Down Western Boots. When you spend quite a lot of money on a pair of boots, what will you expect?

For me, quality, comfort, fitting, and outlook all are equally important while buying a premium boot. I think you look for these features as well. 

To begin with, the forefoot features a handcrafted caiman gator belly and full-grain leather on the rest of the boot. There’s a nine-row stitch pattern in the shaft that gives the boot a distinctive look. 

The overall design of this boot can grab your attention easily. If you’re a boot freak, design can undoubtedly satisfy you. But what about comfort and fit?

Well, the leather used inside provides the softness that you need. The most interesting part is using ATS Pro Technology on the footbed which ensures you get maximum comfort, breathability, and stability. Moreover, you can wear this boot easily, thanks to the sturdy pull strap. 

The wide square toe shape provides enough room inside the boot. Since the wide square toe is suitable for people who have an irregular foot shape, you will not experience foot swelling and discomfort. That’s the perk of a wide square toe shape.

The Barnyard acid-resistant outsole is something that you won’t find in any other boots. This outsole offers good traction and durability. 

So, if you want a gorgeous pair of boots that comes with quality and comforts I think you can consider this boot.


Honestly speaking, it’s hard to find serious complaints about these premium boots. However, there are a few people who have issues with the fit, such as feeling tight when putting their feet into boots. 

3. Tony Lama Men’s Chocolate Hornback Caiman Western Boot

  • Upper Material: Hornback Caiman Foot and Durable leather upper with western stitching
  • Weight: 4lbs


  • 1.5″ heel height
  • 11″ shaft height
  • Cushioned insole and lightweight shaft
  • Durable leather upper with western stitching
  • Leather outsole is hand-nailed with a supportive arch
  • Square toe
  • Hornback Caiman foot
  • Rubber heel grip

A well-known brand in the boot industry, Tony Lama has been making boots since 1911. Most of the boot freaks want a pair of Tony Lama boots in their collection. Hence, now I’m going to talk about Tony Lama Men’s Cognac Hornback Caiman Western Boot.

When you first look at this boot, you’ll notice the exotic look of the caiman leather from the toe box to the tongue. The shaft looks decent with attractive stitching. 

In this boot, the design is pretty simple but has a pleasantly exotic vibe. However, the manufacturers also put effort into making these boots comfortable. 

The cushioned insole provides you with the softness that you need. Also, the lightweight shaft makes this boot a bit more comfortable. 

On top of that, this pair of boots comes with a leather outsole with a supportive arch. The supportive arch distributes pressure evenly and helps you maintain better balance and stability.

In fact, the manufacturer has used rubber heel grips in these boots. Thus, the shoe fits better and there is less friction on the Achilles. Moreover, the square toe provides enough room inside the boot.


I didn’t find any significant issues with this pair of boots. However, few people find this boot too tight at the top of their feet. Also, it does not seem as wide as it needs to be according to those people. The good news is you can get rid of this problem by replacing the insole.

Moreover, people have complained about wrong product details. They found issues regarding color and product name. Other than that, you can strongly consider this boot to add to your exotic collection. 

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4. Los Altos Original Brown Caiman Round Toe Boot

  • Upper Material: Calfskin leather
  • Weight: 6lbs


  • Handmade
  • Genuine caiman belly
  • Round toe profile 
  • Hand-stitched upper shaft
  • Completely leather shaft and pull straps  
  • Cushioned leather insole
  • Complete leather lining and piping
  • Goodyear single stitched welt 
  • Traditional leather outsole
  • Replaceable Heel Cap
  • Steel Shank to prevent objects penetrating underneath

Handmade boots are my favorite. The efforts of the artisans to make a boot attractive are truly commendable. But why am I saying all this? 

Well, to talk about this boot from Los Altos, you have to praise the artisans. This pair of boots are handcrafted and look so perfect that you’ll love them. 

The genuine caiman belly blends with the hand-stitched upper shaft of leather. The overall appearance of this boot makes the pair exotic. Moreover, full leather lining, piping, and single-stitched welt everything is present to make this boot desirable as well.

Anyway, I’m done with talking about this boot’s appearance. Let’s see how comfortable this pair of boots is. 

Starting off with its round toe profile which ensures enough room for toes to spread out. If you want your pair of exotic boots for casual and regular wear, you can consider this. 

On top of that, the insole is made from leather and provides cushioning for comfort. Besides, the heel cap is replaceable which allows you to change the heel cap to increase stability.

Interestingly, this pair of boots comes with a steel shank to prevent objects from penetrating underneath. 


Some people claim that these boots are narrow and tight for their feet. Probably they’ve got wide feet. Sometimes after break-in, the boot seems perfect on the feet. If you don’t want to face such issues, I’d suggest you determine the right size before purchasing.  

5. Ariat Men’s Relentless Pro Western Boot

  • Upper Material: Premium full-grain leather
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs


  • Exotic caiman belly foot 
  • Premium full-grain leather upper
  • ATS Pro technology for stability and comfort
  • Handcrafted 
  • Leather lining
  • Six-Row heavy stitch
  • Goodyear leather welt
  • DualPro sole
  • TPU fused outsole with direct-injected forefoot pods
  • 1.5″ horseman heel

Durability, quality, stability, comfort, appearance- if you’re looking for all of them, probably you should look at these Ariat Men’s Relentless Pro Western Boots first. Ariat has really worked hard to make this boot stand out among the rest. 

In exotic boots, appearance is the most important feature to satisfy us, so I will start there. 

This boot features a caiman belly foot at the vamp and premium full-grain leather in the upper for a luxurious look. The handcrafted six-row heavy stitch and the leather lining will mesmerize you, no doubt. 

Moving next to durability, Ariat has used Goodyear leather welt which makes this boot durable. 

For stability, Ariat’s very own Anti Torque Stability Pro technology is there. When you walk, this technology cushions and supports your feet. Moreover, this boot promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue so you can wear it for a longer period of time.

On top of that, to ensure superior comfort and durability, the DualPro sole (TPU fused outsole with direct-injected forefoot pods) is there. This boot comes in a square toe shape to provide you with enough room inside the boot. 

With a great combination of craftsmanship and technology, this is one of my favorite boots. You should definitely consider this pair if you want a durable boot that can maximize your comfort and stability.


The manufacturers have tried to make this boot highly comfortable and most customers agreed with this. However, a certain group of people found this pair uncomfortable for their feet as the boot doesn’t stretch much.

6. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Rio Western Boot

  • Upper Material: Calfskin leather
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs


  • Leather sole
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-calf from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 14″ around
  • Giant gator vamp
  • Calfskin shaft
  • Leather outsole
  • Single stitch welt construction
  • Handmade in the USA

In this article, I’ve listed 4 caiman boots from Lucchese Bootmaker and the reason behind this is they’re good at it. Yes, all 4 boots are different in design and provide a distinctive vibe. 

Firstly, I’d say this boot is made in the USA. Hence, don’t get confused by whether it’s made in Mexico or not.

Look at this boot, and you’ll notice the giant gator skin in the vamp. This is what gives it such an exotic vibe. Moving next to the shaft, the calfskin truly complements the overall look of this boot.

Besides, this boot features leather insoles and outsoles. Needless to say, the leather insole works to make your feet comfortable inside the boot. 

And the leather outsole ensures elegance, support, comfort, breathability, and most importantly durability. I think that’s all you want from an exotic boot. 

Moreover, the single stitch welt construction is there to hold the insole and outsole likely forever. This boot is available in 4 different colors to match your personality. 


People are less likely to complain about Lucchese Boots because they’ve been satisfying customers for so long. However, for this particular boot, some users claimed that a few pairs are not made from ‘giant’ gator skin. Hence, their boots aren’t the same as shown in the picture.

But the fact is, there are a lot of people who are really satisfied with the appearance and quality of this boot.

7. Los Altos Men’s Biker Design Genuine Leather Caiman Tail Western Boots 

  • Upper Material: Caiman (Gator) Tail Skin Boot with Cowhide Leather
  • Weight: 5lbs


  • Genuine caiman
  • Hand embroidered caiman and leather shaft
  • Motorcycle square toe profile 
  • Cushioned leather insole
  • Full leather shaft, pull straps, lining, and piping 
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Single stitched welt
  • Replaceable oil-resistant industrial outsole
  • Replaceable heel cap
  • Steel shank to prevent objects from penetrating underneath.

If you enjoy riding your bike wearing a pair of caiman boots, there’s something for you on the list. Presenting to you, Los Altos Bike Design Caiman Boot.

This boot is specially designed for bikers with a signature of elegance and exotic style. Look at the design, this pair would be on my list if I rode a bike.

The genuine caiman leather in the vamp along with the leather shaft, truly bliss your eyes. The hand-embroidered leather adds a unique touch to this boot. 

Moreover, the pull straps, lining, and piping are made from original leather providing a symbol of elegance. 

However, sometimes bikers have comfort issues with their boots since they ride bikes for a long time. The bootmaker kept this fact in mind and tried to make this pair more comfortable. 

The cushioned leather insole and motorcycle square toe profile are there to ensure that. The motorcycle square toe profile offers support to the ankles for better control and protection. 

On top of that, the single-stitched welt along with Goodyear welt construction makes this boot durable. Moreover, the oil-resistant industrial outsole and heel cap are there to ensure more stability and traction. However, you can change the outsole and heel cap as they’re replaceable. 

Lastly, you’ll find a steel shank in the middle of the insole and outsole acting as a patty in the burger. The steel shank prevents injuries at the bottom of the feet.


There are some minor drawbacks found by the users. Probably a side zipper could make this boot easier to wear and more comfortable. Besides, you need to stretch this boot to ensure a snug-fitting. 

8. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Franklin Western Boot

  • Upper Material: Genuine Caiman Leather with Cowhide
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs


  • Single welt construction
  • Snip toe
  • Handmade in Texas
  • Light cushioned leather insole
  • Soft leather shaft with western stitching
  • 13″ shaft height
  • Leather outsole
  • Hornback caiman tail vamp
  • Smooth leather lining

The Franklin boot from Lucchese is a traditional western boot that has a classy and exotic vibe. These boots are handmade yet the construction is flawless.

The Hornback caiman tail vamp and ultra-sleek western stitching shaft make you feel stunned at first glance. It’s gorgeous, trust me. 

For comfort, you don’t really need to worry about it when it comes to buying a boot from Lucchese. This boot features a snip toe which makes it easy to wear. Not only this, it makes this boot competent for traditional, classic, and retro cowboy styles. Also, if you have short feet, wearing this boot makes your feet look longer. 

Moreover, the leather lining and cushioned insoles work in harmony to provide a more comfortable feel for your feet. 

Obviously, when you spend your money on an exotic boot, you’ll think about its durability. Right? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. The single welt construction is there to ensure durability. 


To be honest, I haven’t seen any serious issues with this boot. However, few people found this boot tight initially, eventually, the leather stretched and became soft. 

Moreover, very few people claimed that this boot was hard to wear which is not expected from a snip toe boot. 

9. Dan Post Boots Men’s Kingsley Caiman Square Toe Boots Mid Calf 

  • Upper Material: Caiman leather with full-grain cowhide leather 
  • Weight: 6lbs


  • Rubber outsole
  • Double welt construction
  • Leather lining
  • 11″ shaft
  • Wide square toe
  • Stockman heel
  • Caiman belly leather foot, full-grain leather upper
  • Cushioned footbed

I know by now you’ve already seen some of the best caiman boots. But you know what? This pair of boots from Dan Post can grab your attention. 

This boot features caiman belly leather on the vamp and full-grain leather on the upper. The embroidered stitch in the 11” shaft along with the caiman skin vamp makes this boot not only exotic but also stylish.

In this boot, the rubber outsole is used to make this boot eligible to survive for a long time. It also works to prevent slipping. However, the stockman heel works with the rubber outsole to make this boot suitable for regular usage. 

On top of that, the cushioned footbed and orthopedic insole ensure the comfort, support, and stability that you need from an expensive boot. Not only that, but the leather lining is also there to protect your feet from rubbing against the seams. 

Moreover, the wide square toe shape provides enough room for your feet inside the boot. If you have wide feet and need breathability, this is suitable for you.


This boot seems perfect and comfortable to most users. However, there are few people who find this boot tight across the instep at the beginning. Also, this boot is a little bit stiff which may cause discomfort to your feet. To eliminate this problem, you’ve to wait until the boot breaks in.

The serious complaint about this boot is that the upper seems cheaply made to some users. Manufacturers used thin and fragile materials that wrinkle easily. 

10. Los Altos Original Brown Caiman (Gator) Tail LeatherJ-Toe Boot

Upper Material: Gator tail skin with cowhide leather

Weight: 6 lbs


  • Authentic caiman tail
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Fully leather lined
  • J toe
  • Cushion insole
  • Leather welt & soles
  • Cowboy heel
  • Shaft height 13″
  • Goodyear welt construction

The last pick on my list is this caiman boot from Los Altos. I’d like to share one thing before I start, Los Altos doesn’t make a lot of boots, at least their website says so. However, when they bring a new model, they come with a bang. 

Well, let’s focus on this boot. You’ll find authentic caiman tail skin in the vamp. The caiman tail provides a V shape and there’s no difference in it. 

Besides, I found the finish of this boot exquisite. If you look at the shaft, the hand embroidery stitches look great on this boot.  

One of the best things about this boot is that it arrives in six different colors, the only boot with so many colors on this list.

Moreover, the J toe shape (pointed toe) on this boot makes it extremely easy to slip the toes in and out of it. Also, this toe shape provides a retro cowboy vibe as well as a classic style. 

To ensure comfortability, you’ll find cushioned insoles and leather lining in this boot. They work together to provide comfort, stability, and support to your feet. You can wear this boot all day long without any discomfort (obviously if you buy the right size).

Moreover, the Goodyear welt construction and leather welt with sole make this boot durable.


I haven’t heard any serious complaints about these boots. However, a few people said that they found the shaft’s design different from the picture. 

Caiman Print Cowboy Boots: When You Want the Feel But Don’t Want to Spend Much

I always believe we all have different purchasing power. Hence, some of us are able to afford a genuine caiman leather cowboy boot while others are unable to do so. 

However, I don’t want you to miss the feel of a caiman boot. You’re not supposed to rob a bank to buy a pair of boots, do you? 

Anyway, I have a list of caiman print boots that can satisfy your needs. Here you go:

This boot is made from genuine leather, obviously not with caiman leather. At first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference. The crocodile vamp and lucrative design in the shaft offer an exotic look that you seek in a caiman leather boot.

Moreover, the high-quality leather sole and leather lining are present to ensure durability and traction. The orthopedic cushioned footbed provides comfort, stability, and support. 

Are you looking for a cowhide leather boot with a caiman belly leather texture? Well, look at this pair of Soto Boots. 

The vamp has an exotic caiman belly print whereas the shaft features classic multicolor stitching. Truly impressive! 

Like other premium boots, this boot is constructed with the Goodyear welt for maximum durability and quality. Besides quality and comfort, this boot makes your feet comfortable with the cushioned insole and leather lining. 

If you love the texture of gator tail skin in your boot but you can’t afford it, don’t be sad. I’ve got a great substitute. 

This boot is made from genuine cowhide leather and then applied the gator tail print on the vamp. The shaft has a very well-stretched design to provide a premium vibe. This boot has a distinctive look, trust me. 

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about quality, durability, and comfort since this boot has all the necessary features to ensure them.  

For the caiman hornback print, these boots are truly worth considering. The sleek handcrafted design on the shaft and caiman hornback print on the vamp make this boot stand out among the competitors. 

Moreover, the Goodyear welt and leather sole with stacked rubber heel makes this boot long-lasting. Besides, this boot is highly comfortable even if you wear it all day long. 

Probably this is the only boot for women on my list. Actually, I put this boot on the article because of the shaft design. You’ll see caiman print on the vamp over cowhide leather. But the design of the shaft is unique and colorful.

Like the other Ferrini boots, this boot has a cushioned insole and leather lining to maximize comfort. Besides, a wide size range is available to fit your feet. The instep seems perfect to most people. You’ll find enough room inside the boot. 

Moreover, the welt construction and the soles seem perfect to last long. 

Why Should You Choose Caiman Boots: 4 Convincing Reasons 

Before I start I’d like to share my opinion first. For me, caiman boots are great for looks. It brings an exotic and elegant vibe to me. However, there are other reasons to choose caiman boots. Let’s jump into them.


Caiman skin is an entry-level exotic skin for shoemaking. Actually, caimans belong to the alligator species. They may look like crocodiles or alligators, but if you rank them, they’re at the bottom of the list. However, it doesn’t mean that caiman skin isn’t high in quality.

The truth is, caimans are more available than crocodiles and alligators and their skin is just perfect for making shoes. This is why caiman boots are less expensive than other exotic leather boots.  


Would you believe that if you buy a genuine caiman leather boot it will probably last a lifetime? Well, that’s true and obviously, you have to take care of your boots to ensure that.  

Caiman skins are smooth and pliable to make shoes out of them. However, for durability, caiman’s bony plates do the magic. They not only make the shoes durable, but they also offer a distinctive texture and look.


Before I started, I talked about why I love caiman skin for boots. Now I’m not going to blubber about it to make things exaggerated. Let’s get back to the main point.

When you see a pair of caiman boots, you understand how exotic and premium they look. When it comes to satisfying your need for a high-end boot, caiman boots rank on top of the list.

Moreover, there are various parts of a caiman’s skin like the belly or the hornback that provide a distinctive look. 

Caiman vs Alligator Boots: What’s the Difference? 

Caimans and alligators are cousins- they belong to the same species and have similarities between them. They’re great for making exotic boots. However, I’ve got some differences between them. Here you go:

Umbilical Scars

You’ll find umbilical scars in the alligator leather. It’s the most unique difference between an alligator and a caiman. On the other hand, caimans don’t have such umbilical scars. 


As I said earlier, alligators are superior to caimans in quality because of their pliability and durability.

On the other hand, caimans have bony plates in their skin which decreases the pliability of the leather eventually. Moreover, when you crease the caiman leather the cracks show up between the plates.


Alligator leather is far softer than caiman leather. Moreover, caiman leather is stiffer than caiman leather. If you’ve budget issues and want entry-level exotic boots then go for caiman boots. They’re just fine.  

What to Look Out for When Buying Caiman Boots?

Exotic boots are an investment for a lifetime, and when you invest, you expect a high return. To maximize the return from a pair of caiman boots, there are several factors that you need to look out for before buying. So, let’s jump into them.   


If you don’t know how an authentic caiman boot looks and its characteristics, there’s a high chance you might get deceived. The reason is, lots of dishonest sellers print over the cowhide leather and claim that they’re original caiman boots. 

However, you can eliminate this problem by inspecting the pattern of the leather. The original caiman leather has an irregular pattern whereas the print looks uniform. Each caiman has a different pattern, shades, thickness in its skin like us.

Moreover, you can find fake caiman boots comparing the price with the real ones. Original caiman boots have a higher price than the printed boots.  


There are 3 alligator species that are used to make exotic boots- American alligator, Nile crocodile, and caiman crocodile. 

Of the other two types, the caiman has the boniest skin. Besides, they’re more structured and blemish in scales. If you want to buy a pair of exotic leather boots and don’t want to rob the bank, you can strongly consider caiman boots. They’re less expensive than the other 2 types as well. 

Cut of the Finished Hide

You’ll find 3 types of cuts- belly, hornback/tail, and flank to make boots out of them. 

If the belly is used in the boot, it’ll cost around 3 times more than the other 2 cuts. The reason is an alligator’s belly that has been split along the back has a fairly smooth finish. 

The hornback cut arrives from the leather taken closer to the head of a caiman. On the other hand, you’ll find a ‘V’ or a reverse ‘V’ shape in the tail cut. 


When you spend quite a lot of money on a pair of boots, you’ve to ensure some basics like the size. It’s hard to know the exact size of caiman boots because the brands’ sizes are different from the regular shoes we use. 

First of all, to ensure size, the boot has to be snug at the instep and ball of the foot. However, a snug fit boot can be difficult to wear for a prolonged period initially. Once they break in, you’ll feel more comfortable. So, wait for a short time to wear your boots comfortably.  


Generally, 2 types of soles are used in caiman boots- leather sole and rubber sole. Which type of sole is perfect for you depends on what you intend to do wearing the boot.

For example, leather soles are best for occasional use. If you want to go to a party and like to dance, a leather sole will be perfect. The leather sole can glide better on the floor than the rubber sole. 

The most common problem of boots with leather soles is they can be slippery until the soles get worn down, so be careful when walking in them, and avoid slipping.

On the other hand, rubber soles are more durable and thicker than leather soles. However, the problem with rubber soles is you can’t re-sole them unless the boot is made with Goodyear welt construction. If you want to wear your boots regularly, then rubber soles are good for you. 

Toe and Heel

If you’re new to caiman boots you should know about the toe shapes and heel types first. 

First of all, whatever the toe shape is you have to make sure that they’re comfortable on your feet. There are different toe shapes like the pointed toe, the square toe available. 

Once the boot breaks in it’ll be comfortable on your feet but you can’t change the toe shape, so keep that in mind. If you have got a wide toe, the square toe shape will be more suitable for you. Again, the pointed toe shape provides a longer shape to your toe. 

The main fact is, each toe shape provides a distinct look to your feet. So, choose the right shape that goes with your desired look. 

Moving next to the heel, there are several heel types available out there- riding heel, walking heel, and so on. Your job is to pick the heel option that makes you comfortable as well as offers the look that you want. 


The lining is found inside the boot to provide comfort to our feet. Lining on the inside of the boot will prevent the seams from rubbing against your legs, making the boot more comfortable. 

Moreover, in this article, the boots I’ve mentioned have leather lining. The perk of the leather lining is, it doesn’t trap heat like the cloth lining. However, you should avoid synthetic leather lining because it doesn’t even offer minimum breathability.  

Heel Slippage 

You may find that your heels slip slightly when you buy a pair of new boots. It mostly happens with hard leather sole boots and you shouldn’t worry about it. The slippage problem will go away once the boot breaks in. It’s not necessary to change the boot size unless the slippage is over half an inch. 

Final Words 

The market is filled with tons of caiman boots, some of them are original and some of them are fake. Throughout this article, I’ve tried to introduce you to some of the best genuine caiman boots and talked about their features and drawbacks. 

I hope you get a good insight from here and the boots that you’re going to purchase will satisfy you.  

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