Can You Wear UGGs in the Snow? What About in the Rain? 

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Once you know how great it feels to wear a pair of Classic UGGs, it’s hard to let it go. You want to wear it wherever you go. 

And why wouldn’t you? 

The boots sure look good and the comfort is beyond comparison to any other leather boots out there. So, the main question is, can you wear UGGs in the snow? Or even better, can you wear UGGs in the rain? 

While both these questions have a similar answer, the reason behind the answer isn’t so simple. And it’s certainly not something that can be explained with a one-liner. 

That’s why I’ve prepared an elaborate article for you. You can scan through the article and extract what you need to know. But stick around for a bit. I promise you won’t be bored. 

Let’s start-

Can You Wear UGGs in the Snow?

You cannot wear traditional sheepskin suede UGGs in the snow. Regular UGGs with a suede finish will get soaking wet if you keep wearing them in the snow for a prolonged time. You can walk around in the snow of your yard for a few minutes but that’s it. 

You have to understand that the traditional UGG boots you see celebrities wearing are made out of suede. And if you already didn’t know, suede and water don’t go together at all. 

On top of that, UGGs have sheepskin all over them. From the linings to the inner material, you can’t avoid it. While it’s super comfortable on your feet, it’s not the ideal material for water resistance. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t wear UGGs when it’s snowing. You simply have to avoid walking on snow for a long time. If there’s enough time for the snow to melt, that means it’s already too late. 

Walk around in your home, office, or home office. But avoid walking on snow for a long time. That’s something you should avoid at all costs(unless you like doing maintenance on your boots).

Would You Have Traction Wearing UGGs in the Snow 

If it were up to me, I’d avoid walking on snow with UGGs altogether. Comfort isn’t really everything in this matter. You need to consider that there are much better alternatives out there. 

And most importantly, UGGs are terrible when it comes to traction in the snow. Rubber might be the main material of the outsole. However, the structure of the sole makes it better for comfort, not traction. 

UGG Classic outsole

Think about the bouncing feeling you get when you wear UGGs. That’s great for warmth and wearing them for a long time. But when it comes to walking in the snow with confidence, it’s a big no. 

Can You Wear UGGs in the Rain? (The Answer’s Even More Shocking) 

You should never wear UGGs in the rain. Rain is even worse for UGGs than snow because the water’s already in its liquid state. It’s much easier for the rain to penetrate the outer material and drench the boots eventually making them unusable. 

Just think about it. It takes some for snow to melt and turn into water. And only when it turns to water, it can enter your UGGs. 

With rain, you’re simply making it easier to cause damage. Without the waiting period, the rainwater can go into the boots as soon as it comes in contact. 

Moreover, you have to consider the fact that rainwater will often be filled with dirt. Not that snow doesn’t have dirt or mud but the condition’s much worse when it’s rainwater.  

What Happens When You Wear UGGs in Rain and Snow? 

Depending on how long you wear your UGGs in rain and snow, the damage will vary. As you’ve already read, the classic UGG boots aren’t ideal for either rain or snow. 

If you look at the picture below, it’s obvious that the main damage is that they’ll get wet. But what’s the big deal about that? Simply drying them off should do the trick, right? 

Snow damaged UGG boots

Well, it’s much more complicated than that. You see, unlike regular waxed or soft or full-grained leather, suede leather takes a big blow when it comes into contact with water. 

The water stains you’ll get will be pretty bizarre and needless to say, it won’t be an easy job to get them out. If the damage isn’t that bad, you might get them out. But even then, you’ll have to try multiple times. 

And thanks to getting drenched in water, your precious UGGs will be discolored to the point where your only option is to dye your UGGs. While it might sound like an interesting project and it’ll give new life to your boots, it’s not something everyone will do willingly.  

However, you won’t even see the biggest damage coming your way. The thing is sheepskin is basically wool. And I think everyone already knows that you can’t really wash wool. 

Well, walking on snow and rain won’t wash them but it’ll certainly get them wet. Most people buy classic UGG boots for their comfort. So, the primary value pretty much vanishes if the wool is soaked and compressed. 

On top of that, classic UGGs don’t dry off that well. This basically means you’ll have to deal with stinky UGG boots

All in all, the decision’s up to you. I can talk all day about how you shouldn’t wear UGGs in the snow and rain but some people still won’t listen. 

How to Protect UGGs from Snow and Rain (It’s Not What You Think, DO NOT AVOID) 

There are times when you can’t avoid wearing UGGs in the rain and snow. The weather can go wrong, you might be someplace else. The reasons are endless. 

Now that we’ve established the point that you shouldn’t wear UGG boots in such conditions, let’s talk about weatherproofing them. 

This way, you won’t cause too much damage and hopefully, the boots will still be wearable. 

There are 3 ways you can protect your UGG from snow and rain. All of them include buying a suede protector but there’s a catch here. 

  • Buy Only GEAR AID REVIVEX Suede Protector 

The first option is to buy only the GEAR AID REVIVEX Suede Protector. This only contains the suede protector and nothing else. In my opinion, this suede protector offers the most value in terms of effectiveness and affordability. 

  • Buy GEAR AID Revivex Suede, Nubuck, and Fabric Boot Shoe Care Kit

You might think that you don’t need the entire GEAR AID Revivex Suede, Nubuck, and Fabric Boot Shoe Care Kit. But you do. If you wear UGGs regularly, you need to clean them quite often and as they accumulate dirt much faster. 

And you can’t really use the water-repellant spray without cleaning the boots first. 

  • Buy UGG Shoe Care Kit

The UGG Shoe Care Kit is pretty much the same thing as the product above. But it costs a bit more because of the extra deodorizer they’ve added. If you want to spend more and the deodorizer is a must, go for it. Otherwise, the GEAR AID Shoe Care Kit is a pretty solid deal for all suede boot owners.  

Are There Any UGGs That You Can Wear in the Snow and Rain?

It’s true that the classic UGGs are the most popular ones. But UGG still has a lot to offer for people who are fed up with the classics. 

I mean, the classics can get super dirty super fast. It’s kind of like they’re a magnet for dirt. Lucky for you, there are UGGs that you can wear in the snow and rain. Here’s the best of them- 

If I had to choose one single pair of UGG boots that are perfect for snow, I’d choose the UGG Women’s Adirondack Boot III Boot without a second guess. 

The waterproof membrane is always there to protect your feet and the boots from snow. And you won’t even have to sacrifice any of the comforts. Well, it won’t be as comfortable as the classic UGGs but you get my point.  

Sadly, there’s not a men’s version of the Adirondack. But don’t lose your hope. The UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot is pretty much identical to those boots. The features are all the same but the color’s a bit different. Maybe they thought Metal, Worchester, and Black are more ‘manly’ colors.  

If you liked the Adirondack, you’ll like these too. After all, they are the same boots. 

These boots need no further explanation. From the very first glance, no one should have any doubt that the UGG Women’s Sienna Boots are rain boots. But there’s a twist here. 

As it’s a pair of UGG boots, it’s obvious that it’ll have a sheepskin insole. This is pretty rare for rain boots. And from the looks of it, you can be sure as heck that not even a drop of water will enter these boots. 

Didn’t think that you’d see a classic UGG here, did you? Well, they’re quite different from the regular classics. Truth be told, I’m not much of a fan of the design. 

But when it comes to cleaning, these boots are the best. Because of the TPU molded upper, you can wash away anything that sticks. I mean, what more do you want? 

Although it would’ve been great if the price was a bit low. But guess what? UGG won’t drop the price because of its brand value. 

If you want an in-depth review of these boots, I’ve got an entire article on this. It has all the best UGG boots for winter this company has to offer. 


Can You Wear UGGs in Rain and Snow If You Waterproof Them?

Waterproofing suede boots like the Classic UGG boots won’t protect them from rain and snow. Both rain and snow are pretty heavy on suede leather. At one point, the water will penetrate the leather causing damage to the boots. Waterproofing them will only protect them from light spills and similar things like that. 

Are UGGs Slippery in the Snow?

Classic UGG boots are made for comfort, not traction. Because of the shape of the boots and the structure of the outsole, it might lead to unpleasant slips and falls. The chance only increases with slippery and icy terrain. However, there are other UGG boots that are made for walking in the snow. 

Does Snow Ruin Suede?

Snow will ruin the texture of suede as the snow will eventually turn into water and penetrate the leather. While you can fix the texture to some extent, it’s not something you should do willingly. 

How Do I Protect My UGGs from Weather?

Whether it’s the Classic UGG boots or the weatherproof UGG Adirondack boots, all you can do is apply a water-repellent spray. While the Adirondack will protect far better because of the material, the Classic UGGs won’t do the same. To avoid color loss and increase longevity, avoid wearing classic UGGs in the snow and rain.  

How Do You Clean Waterproof UGGs?

You clean them like regular UGGs. Just because it has a water-repellant spray, doesn’t mean the cleaning process is going to be different. However, it’d be a wise decision to re-apply the water-repellant spray after 2-3 cleaning sessions. 

Wrapping Up 

Well, that is pretty much a wrap of can you wear UGGs in the snow or not. As I’ve explained throughout the article, it depends on what model of UGG you’re planning to wear. 

To give you a quick recap, if it’s a pair of Classic UGGs, don’t even think about wearing them in the snow or rain. Suede or nubuck UGGs will never be able to keep up with rain and snow. They weren’t made for it. 

If you really want to wear UGGs in these conditions, take a look at the boots I’ve suggested. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

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