Do UGG Boots Run Big or Small? UGG Boot Sizing Explained

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What’s not to love about a pair of UGG boots? These are comfortable boots that have the extreme durability of sheepskin leather. And not to mention, these have timeless designs. 

The only problem is these aren’t cheap. So, before you order yourself a pair online, it’s better to figure out the most important thing about sizing. Do UGG boots run big or small? In other words, are these boots true to size? 

In short, these boots run a little bigger. So, whatever you do, don’t go for a larger size. Before you know it, the break-in period will be over and it’ll stretch half a size. 

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more where this came from. So, don’t go anywhere- 

Do UGG Boots Run Big or Small? Are UGG Boots True to Size?

Do UGG Boots Run Big or Small?

UGG boots run big but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true to size. They’re somewhat in the middle. When trying out for the first time, these boots should feel snug without too much coziness. As the boots stretch over time, never settle for a larger size. 

UGGs stretch a little bit like every other leather boot after the break-in period. Thanks to your body weight and the leather’s elasticity, it takes the shape of your feet. It’s kind of like memory foam, but not quite.

UGG Boots

A shoe that “runs big” means that it is larger than the normal shoe size, so you will need to purchase a smaller size than what you usually wear to get the perfect fit. For example, if you typically wear a women’s size 9, you might end up purchasing a size 8 or 8.5, depending on how much larger the shoe is compared to the standard size. On the other hand, if a shoe “runs small,” you will need to buy a larger shoe size than you normally would to get a good fit.

When it comes to the Classic UGG Boots, it’s commonly known that they tend to run larger than the standard shoe size. So, when purchasing a new pair, it’s recommended to go a half to a full size smaller than what you usually wear. This is because they are made from sheepskin material, which has the tendency to stretch over time. If you try on a new pair and feel like they are too tight or the perfect fit, it’s advisable to choose the tighter option, as the material will likely stretch.

UGG boots are made from sheepskin material that has a tendency to stretch over time, hence it is recommended to purchase them in a snug fit. If you opt for a comfortable fit initially, the boots may become loose after they have stretched.

UGG boots are made from sheepskin material that has a tendency to stretch over time, that’s why it’s better to purchase them in a snug fit. If you opt for a comfortable fit initially, the boots may become loose after they have stretched.

Women’s UGG Slippers

It’d be wise to buy UGG’s Ansley and Dakota women’s slippers half to a full size larger than your normal shoe size as they tend to run smaller. For instance, if you are a women’s size seven, I’d advise you to buy a size 7.5 or 8 for the UGG Coquette Slipper.

UGG Rain Boots

If you’re looking to get a pair of UGG rain boots, here’s the deal with the sizing. The fit is pretty standard, and the rubber material stays put over time. Just keep in mind that they only come in whole sizes, not half sizes. So if you’re usually a half size, it’s probably best to size up. Like, if you wear a 6.5, go ahead and order a 7 – you’ll be comfier that way!

How Do You Decide on UGG Sizing?

There are plenty of UGG boot types out there. That only means you need to know more about the factors that determine the sizing of the boots you’re getting-


Sheepskin leather, regular hard leather, and rubber boots- are the three main types of materials you’ll be seeing on UGG boots. I mean it’s pretty easy to guess that sheepskin leather is the material that’s going to stretch the most. Then, comes regular leather. And finally, there are rubber boots. Although I’m not so sure whether you’ll be stretch rubber with regular use.


This goes without saying that your everyday boots are going to stretch much faster than the boots you wear only on ‘special occasions’. Now, do the math yourself. Take the material and add how often you’re going to use them. That should be enough to tell you whether you need to buy a size smaller, bigger, or true to size.


Wait, why do socks even come into the equation? Well, your socks do have some thickness to them. If you wear thick socks, you should plan on getting a bit larger size otherwise you’ll hurt your feet. But thin socks don’t matter as much in this case.

Although, if you don’t wear socks at all. Then, forget about this part and move on.

Do UGG Boots Stretch? 

Like every other leather, sheepskin will stretch over time. But it won’t happen if you leave them in a dark closet for too long. Then you’ll have to figure out how to get rid of mold from your UGGs.

Genuine UGG boots are made from sheepskin which is designed to stretch half a size after the boots are broken in. This is why you shouldn’t settle for a bigger size even if they’re comfortable when you’re trying them out.

And if you ever wash those UGGs in a washing machine, those bigger boots will be even bigger than before. Although you don’t really need to put boots like the UGG Koolaburra Women’s Victoria Boots in a washing machine.

It’s around days 14 to 15 when the sheepskin starts to mold to the shape of your feet. But if you somehow go for a size extra, the excess movement can result in painful blisters. 

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What you thought was cozy and comfortable won’t take much time to become a painful experience. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for smaller sizes too. Get the smaller ones for your toddlers or kids.

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Do UGGs Fit Wide Feet?

Classic UGG boots won’t have any problem fitting into wide feet. You don’t even have to size up. But that changes for their other styles, especially for the slim and tall styles. Although that problem might get resolved after the boots are broken in. 

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Regardless of the style, all UGG boots are made out of leather. And like it or not, leather will stretch over time. As a matter of fact, sheepskin leather does it better by molding it to the shape of your feet. 

Even if you have a particularly hard time getting on the boots. Give it some time and see if it gets better. If not, you’ll know that size isn’t working for you. Nevertheless, the UGG Koolaburra Women’s Victoria Tall Fashion Boots are my number one recommendation if you have wider feet.

Although if you’re quite sure you can work your way around it. Try stretching your UGG boots to see if that works.

How are UGGs Supposed to Fit?

A properly fitted UGG boot should give you a firm and snug feeling. Make sure your toes don’t curl up and your heel doesn’t slip when you walk. Avoid sizes that feel too cozy or comfortable. UGG boots are supposed to stretch half a size, meaning you shouldn’t size up. 

Think of UGG boots like denim jeans. Ever noticed how extremely firm jeans are when you first try them out? Well, it’s the same for UGG boots. 

What happens is, the wool gets compressed with your body weight while molding to the shape of your feet. At the same time, the suede exterior also stretches due to mechanical stress thanks to your foot movement. 

The bottom line? Never settle for boots that are TOO LOOSE. 

What Size UGG Boots Should I Get?

The best way to determine your boot size is to measure it at an official store properly. But if you already know your sizes, here’s a quick size chart to figure out what you need-

Men’s Boots:

Heel-Toe Measurement(inches) USUKEuropeJapan (CM)Mexico (CM)China (MM)
Source: Official UGG Size Chart

Women’s Boots:

Heel-Toe Measurement(inches)USUKEuropeJapan (CM)Mexico (CM)China (MM)
Source: Official UGG Size Chart

How to Measure UGG Boot Size?

This is probably the easiest way to find out your shoe size. And it requires nothing but a piece of paper and a marker. Here’s how to do it- 

Step 1: Draw a Line on a Piece of Paper 

Take a piece of paper and put a straight line using a marker. It doesn’t have to be a marker, anything from a pen to a pencil works. 

Step 2: Stand on the Piece of Paper

Put the paper on a surface so that you get an accurate measurement of your feet. Next, stand on it with the straight line placed in the middle.

Step 3: Put Marks on Both Sides

Put a mark where your longest toe ends. On the other hand, place another mark where your heel ends. Repeat the same process with a different paper for the other foot. 

Step 4: Figure out the Distance to Find Your Shoe Size 

You already know what to do. So, let’s skip the explanation. 

However, what are you supposed to do if one foot is bigger than the other? In that case, always settle for the larger size. 

Do UGG Boots Come in Half Sizes?

UGG boots come in half sizes for the chukka, waterproof, and regular boots. The only exception is their classic UGG boots. Even if you need a half-size, you have to settle for a whole size. 

Although don’t stress over it. Sheepskin leather is known for its stretching abilities. That said, go for the closest size without sizing up. As the boots stretch over time, sizing up might lead to an uncomfortable wearing experience.

Can You Shrink UGG Boots?

‘’My UGGs are too big, what can I do?’’. Does this situation seem familiar to you? 

Apparently, this is a pretty common scenario for a lot of people. However, the problem is the only way to shrink leather is to dump it in hot water. Needless to say, I would never recommend you do that. 

The only solution you’ve got is to wear thick socks. But even that ruins the purpose of wearing UGG boots. I mean, you are wearing these boots for the soft and furry inside. 

If it’s possible, try to change the size. Otherwise, your only option is to wear thick socks unless you want to face blisters. Then again, if you want to know more, I have an entire article on how to shrink UGGs.


Do You Wear Socks with UGGs?
Unless the boots are bigger for you, never wear socks with UGGs. These boots have a natural sheepskin interior. If you don’t know, remember this might be the most comfortable and cozy inside you’ll ever see. When you wear socks, they get in the way of leather fibers molding to the shape of your foot.

How Do You Reshape UGG Boots?
If you don’t want to lose the shape of your UGG boots, use the paper trick when you dry them. After washing the boots(try not to wash them that frequently), stuff the boots with butcher paper or tissue paper. But avoid using newspapers as the ink might damage the interiors.

Why Are UGG Boots so Hard to Get on?
The overall design and comfort factor sometimes makes UGG boots a bit hard to put on. But instead of pulling the boots, use your body weight to slide your foot while the boots rest on the floor. Not all UGG boots come with pull tags. So, be as gentle as possible with your UGG boots. Remember, they are UGG boots, not Doc Martens.

How Can I Make My UGGs Break Faster?
Your UGG boots are precious. Instead of trying DIY methods to shorten the break-in period, try using a shoe tree. That way you don’t have the risk of damaging the boots. Even with that much pressure, a quality cedar shoe tree won’t damage the soft, furry interior of your UGG boots.

Final Verdict 

So, that’s a wrap. Let’s give a quick recap before I go away. UGG boots run a little bigger. But as the leather stretches over time, you shouldn’t size up or down. 

Go for your usual shoe size and you’ll be good to go. At first, the boots might seem a bit too cozy but that’ll pass once the break-in period is over. 

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