How to Clean Pirarucu Boots? (Tips and Tricks About Conditioning)

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Pirarucu boots are hard to come by. Even if you do spot some good pairs, the price goes easy on the wallet. 

Needless to say, you need to know the proper care tactics of these exotic boots. So, how to clean pirarucu boots? 

Start by dusting off with a rag. Then, clean out the welts with a toothbrush. Once the loose dirt is gone, apply a leather cleaner and let it sit for 4-5 minutes before brushing it in. Finally, wipe down and dry out the boots for 2-3 hours before wearing them. 

That’s the basic run down. And there’s a lot where this came from. If you need more explanation, this piece of article is going to solve that problem for you. 

Let’s start, shall we? 

How to Clean Pirarucu Boots? 

how to clean pirarucu boots

Exotic leather or not, at the end of the day, these things are cowboy boots. So, the cleaning method is going to be the same more or less. 

Whatever you do, just keep in mind that you shouldn’t let your boots in contact with water for too long. After all, water will damage leather with enough contact. 

And keep in mind that this is the regular cleaning. Do this every time you put on your pair of pirarucu skin boots. 

Anyway, here’s how you can clean pirarucu boots-

Step 1: Dust off the with a Rag 

The first step is to dust the dirt. Grab a rag and give the boots a nice cleaning. 

But I know what happens. Sometimes you just don’t want to go and grab a rag. In that case, your socks are perfect for the job(ensuring you put them in the laundry afterward).

Step 2: Clean the Welt with a Toothbrush

If you already have Jovitec’s 3 Horsehair Brush, there’s no need for a toothbrush. The included small-sized brush would do a much better job anyway. 

The welt is where most of the dirt lies anyway. So, take your time to clean out the dirt. Brush off as much dirt as you can before you bring in the leather cleaner. 

Step 3: Spray Leather Cleaner

A lot of people would suggest something like saddle soaps or plain water for the job. But it’s exotic leather, give it some love. 

Some people stick to one-step cleaner conditioners for this type of leather. But I prefer separate products for them. 

If you are one of those people, the Bickmore Exotic would be my suggestion. On the other hand, what I personally prefer would be the Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey.  

Anyway, spray as much as you want all the boots. Don’t worry about the leather getting damaged. What you should target is a kind of foamy layer. 

Long story short, get it wet enough to brush off any remaining dirt. 

Step 4: Wait for 4-5 Minutes

Give the leather cleaner 4-5 minutes. This allows the leather cleaner to get deep inside the pores and moisture them along the way.

Step 4: Brush It in 

The waiting period is over. Now start brushing off the remaining dirt. 

What you want to do is go with the scales, meaning you should brush them down. You can occasionally brush against the scales but that’s not particularly good for the leather. 

Step 5: Wipe and Dry Out the Boots

That’s it. Wipe down the boots with a piece of cloth and you’ll see all the dirt coming off. 

Once you’re done wiping, leave the boots for drying. 

As it’s a basic cleaning, you don’t need to leave them overnight. A good 2-3 hours of drying should suffice the job.

How to Condition Pirarucu Boots? 

shoe ready for conditioning

Pirarucu leather isn’t going to break that easily. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat however you like. From time to time, you need to condition the boots. 

While it depends on how frequently you wear your cowboy boots, you should condition them every 3-4 months. 

But these are exotic boots and some people don’t wear them as often. If that’s the case, conditioning every 6 months is enough. 

Nevertheless, here’s how to take care of pirarucu boots- 

Step 1: Clean the Boots 

That’s the very first thing you’d want to do. Even if the boots have been sitting in the closet the whole time, they need to be cleaned. 

So, before you do anything, get that done. You already know how to do it like a pro. 

Step 2: Take Some Conditioner on Lint-free Cloth 

You wouldn’t want lint all over your pirarucu skin boots. And having those diamond-shaped textures doesn’t help either. 

Now, pour a small amount on the cloth. I’ll tell you in a second why the amount needs to be small. 

Step 3: Do a Spot Test 

It’s exotic leather. You don’t want to take any risks with it. So, test out on a small area where you wouldn’t normally notice.

Step 4: Apply All Over the Boots 

Once you’re sure that the leather conditioner won’t cause any color changes in the leather, you can move forward. 

Pour as much as you need on the cloth and wipe the boots with it. 

Step 5: Dry the Boots Overnight

A single layer is enough for conditioning the leather. But if you feel like the leather’s still dry, you can apply another layer. In that case, wait for 2-3 hours. 

Otherwise, drying the boots overnight is the best solution. The next morning, you can wipe off any excess boot conditioner and the boots will be as good as new. 

Are Pirarucu and Big Bass Boots the Same?

The biggest difference between pirarucu and big bass boots is in the scale size. Pirarucu or arapaima fish have large-sized diamond-shaped scales, similar to pangolins. On the other hand, big bass boots have tiny scales just like the fish resembles. 

I mean, let’s get real. Even though they’re both fish, they are different fish with completely different characteristics. Of course, the scales are going to be different.

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Final Verdict 

Well, that’s about it. Hope you learned everything you need to know about how to clean pirarucu boots. 

If you have any other suggestions regarding the cleaning process, don’t forget to leave a comment below. 

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