11 Best Ostrich Boots: The Ornaments on Your Feet 

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When it comes to buying exotic leather boots, ostrich leather always ranks on top of the list. Recently one of my friends asked me to find a pair of ostrich boots for him. 

Since I’ve expertise in this field, I also tried to help him. I took a couple of days trying to find the best ostrich boots for my friend.

I was confused after searching for a while. Trust me, there are tons of options out there. But later using my knowledge, examining the features and reviews I’ve shortlisted the 11 best ostrich boots.   

However, this shortlist will help you as well, if you’re planning to buy one. Since you’re already reading this, I know exactly why you’re here.

I don’t want to waste your time anymore. Let’s dive into the main section without any further delay, shall we?

Almost forget to say, if you’re running out of time, check our quick recommendation section for a quick insight. 

Quick Recommendations 

ProductWeight Highlights 
1. Dan Post Men’s Tempe Western Shoe4 lbsShaft height: 13”Heel height: 1.5” 
2. Justin Boots Men’s Remuda4 lbsShaft height: 13 ½”Heel height: 1 ⅜” 
3. Durango Men’s Rebel Cactus 4.9 lbsShaft height: 12”Heel height: 1 ½” 
4. Tony Lama Men’s Griffon Smooth Quill Ostrich Cowboy Boot Square Toe4.44 lbsShaft height: 11”Heel height: 1 ½” 
5. Durango Men’s Premium Exotics Western Boot5 lbsShaft height: 12”Heel height: 1 ½”
6. Anderson Bean S3004 Men’s Square Toe Kango Tobacco Mad Dog Full Quill Ostrich Boots5.65 lbsShaft height: 13” Heel height: 1 ⅛” 
7. Cuadra Men’s Western Boot in Genuine Ostrich Leather Brown4.35 lbsShaft height: 12/13”Heel height: 1 ⅜”
8. Durango Men’s Premium Exotics Western Boot4.8 lbsShaft height: 12”Heel height: 1 ¾”
9. Cuadra Full Quill Ostrich Western Boots 2B41A14.5 lbsShaft height: 13”Heel height: 1 ½”
10. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Elgin Western Boot4 lbsShaft height: 13”Heel height: 1 ⅜”
11. CUADRA Men’s Cowboy Boot in Genuine Ostrich Leather and Bovine Leather4.45 lbsShaft height: 13”Heel height: 1 ⅙”

1. Dan Post Men’s Tempe Western Shoe

  • Upper Material: Full-quill ostrich skin
  • Weight: 4 lbs


  • Full quill ostrich leather
  • 13” shaft height
  • Approximately 1.5” heel height
  • Cowboy heel
  • Leather lining
  • Round toe shape
  • Special antibacterial and antifungal insole
  • Leather outsole

Our first pick is Dan Post Men’s Tempe Western Shoe, an exotic, classic western boot. From the design to the comfort, everything about these boots will satisfy you.

My preferred choice of an ostrich boot is a full quill ostrich leather boot because of its outstanding appearance. Without any doubt, I’ve satisfied my thirst with this boot.

Moreover, the hand-embroidered design in the shaft complements the boot. The leather outsole and cowboy heel made this boot a perfect cowboy western boot.

When you pay a premium price, you should get a premium feel, don’t you think? Well, Dan Post has ensured that as well. 

As you walk, the ultimate flex insole provides comfort and increases heel and arch support. The best part is the insole contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent odor-causing bacteria and fungi from growing. 

On top of that, your feet won’t get hurt because the leather lining covers the seams inside the shoe. It also increases breathability and moisture absorption. Moreover, the round toe provides enough room inside the boot so that your feet can spread naturally. 

After judging all the features this boot offers, I’ve become a genuine fan of this pair. I’d say this is one of the top-notch ostrich boots available out there, especially for casual wear.  


With a high-end pair of boots, you’re unlikely to find so many drawbacks. That’s exactly the case with this boot.

However, few users have claimed that the instep of this boot feels quite tight and doesn’t offer adequate room for their feet. Probably, their wide-toe shape is the reason behind this. I’d suggest you pick the right size to avoid such problems. 

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2. Justin Boots Men’s Remuda

  • Upper Material: Full-quill ostrich skin
  • Weight: 4 lbs


  • Smooth ostrich leather on vamp
  • 13” shaft made up of goatskin leather
  • J-flex comfort system
  • Long-base heel for better stability
  • 3/16” spur extension
  • Stockman heel

Justin Boots have been making quality boots since 1879. When an experienced boot-making company brings a pair, we’re supposed to expect a lot from them. In this case, Justin Boots Men’s Remuda is no exception.

When I first saw this boot, I was impressed. I’m not a fan of funky styles, so I always prefer simple yet eye-catching designs. Luckily, this pair fits the bill perfectly.

This pair of boots come in 3 different variants and each design can make you amazed undoubtedly. The full quill ostrich leather on the vamp along with the hand-embroidered shaft makes this boot lucrative as well as desirable. 

I know in a pair of exotic boots, design isn’t enough. Worry not, you’ll find Justin Boot’s patented J-flex comfort system here which is extremely comfortable for your feet.

Moreover, the insole is leather-covered which cushions your feet and returns the energy when you walk. 

Justin Boots has also worked to provide better stability. The long base heel and spur extension work in harmony and ensure the stability that you need. 


This boot is comfortable no doubt but it takes time to break-in. So, I hope you’ll keep that in mind and it won’t bother you. Moreover, few users have found that the vamp has a smooth finish whereas the toe lacks of it.

3. Durango Men’s Rebel Cactus


  • Upper Material: full-grain leather with ostrich skin leather
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs


  • Full-grain leather
  • Square toe
  • Tempered steel shank
  • Rolled shank area 
  • Soft mesh lining
  • Slip and oil resistant
  • Rubber outsole
  • Double row sole stitch 
  • Comfortable cushion footbed

Design, comfort, durability, and support- if you’re looking for all these, then hold on for a second. Presenting to you Durango Men’s Rebel Cactus from our list. 

Starting with the design, the vamp is covered in full-quill ostrich leather while the shaft is made of full-grain leather with a hand-embroidered design.

This pair of boots come in so many color variants and each variant features the exotic look you’ve been looking for. Also, you’ll find regular and wide feet sizes available to fit in your feet properly.

Moving next to comfort, this boot comes in a square toe shape which means you’ll get enough room to spread out your toes. More importantly, if you’ve wide feet, it’ll be more beneficial to you. 

Moreover, with the cushioned flex insole and soft mesh lining, you will get the maximum level of comfort. 

When many bootmakers don’t concentrate on midsoles, Durango played a different role here. They’ve used EVA midsoles which are lightweight and flexible. 

The advantage of this midsole is it disperses weight and provides more stability and support. Moreover, the removable cushion footbed is also present to soothe your feet and increase breathability. 

On top of that, the double row sole stitch along with Goodyear welt construction makes this boot truly durable.

Since the outsole of the boot is slip and oil-resistant, it provides good traction and can be worn both on a regular basis as well as for special occasions.


Many users complained about the appearance of the boot. The color of the boot isn’t the same as what you see in the picture. So, it might be a little bit different when you have them in real. 

4. Tony Lama Men’s Griffon Smooth Quill Ostrich Cowboy Boot Square Toe

  • Upper Material: Ostrich leather with goatskin
  • Weight: 4.44 lbs


  • Smooth quill ostrich leather
  • 1.5 inches stockman heel
  • 11 inches goat leather shaft 
  • Multicolor hand-embroidered shaft
  • Leather linings, soles, and heels
  • Tony Lama’s special comfort technology insole
  • Double stitch welt
  • Crepe outsole
  • Spur ledge

Tony Lama has been making boots for so many years and they’re well recognized for their job. When we were listing the best ostrich boots, we noticed this amazing pair- Tony Lama Men’s Griffon Quill Ostrich Cowboy Boot.

When it comes to choosing a casual classic cowboy boot, definitely this pair from Tony Lama ranks top on the list. 

The smooth quill ostrich golden brown leather on the vamp blends with the hand-embroidered multicolor stitch pattern shaft, giving the boot a stunning appearance.

On top of that, this boot combines 3 major things that we seek in a pair of shoes- comfort, flexibility, and comfort. 

Tony Lama has used their signature insole technology to ensure maximum comfort. Also, this insole works great to provide stability and flexibility.

Moreover, the square toe shape will offer you plenty of space inside the boot so that you can spread out your feet naturally. 

Last but not the least, this boot is durable enough to survive a long lifespan. The double welt stitch welt offers the durability that you want from a premium, exotic boot.

Aside from that, the rubber outsole is completely oil and slip-resistant. The horseman pattern is also there for more traction. 


When I was looking for opinions from the users, a large portion was angry with the appearance of this boot. They’ve seen one color online but in reality, they’re completely opposite. 

5. Durango Men’s Premium Exotics Western Boot

  • Upper Material: full quill ostrich with full-grain leather
  • Weight: 5lbs


  • Full quill ostrich leather on the foot
  • Full-grain leather in upper
  • ¾ Goodyear welt construction
  • Heel with stack leather base
  • Rubber heel lift with high abrasion resistance
  • Cushioned insole with rearfoot stabilizer
  • 1 ½” stockman rocker heel 
  • Leather lining
  • Nylon shank

With their exotic style and comfort, Durango boots have always been exceptional. In the same way, there’s no exception when it comes to Durango Men’s Premium Exotics Western Boot

The design is eye-catching because of the full-quill ostrich leather used on the foot. Also, there’s ostrich detailing on the pull tabs of this pair.

The subtle hand-embroidered design on the shaft makes this boot truly impressive. This pair comes in 3 different color variants and each can satisfy you undoubtedly.  

However, Durango has really worked well to make their boots comfortable as well as durable. 

The heel base of this boot is leather stacked and the outsole is made up of genuine leather. Moreover, the double-stitched Goodyear welt construction makes this boot last for a long time.

On top of that, the cushioned insole makes your feet truly comfortable inside the boot. Also, the leather lining, rearfoot stabilizer, and lots of features are out there, to make this boot truly impressive and desirable. 

When it comes to combining comfort, style, and durability, I think this boot is one of those options to satisfy you.


Although Durango boots are known for the comfort and stability they offer, however, few people claimed that they didn’t find them comfortable in the first place. I think after breaking in, these boots will be more comfortable for your feet.

6. Anderson Bean S3004 Men’s Square Toe Kango Tobacco Mad Dog Full Quill Ostrich Boots

  • Upper Material: Ostrich skin with goatskin
  • Weight: 5.65 lbs


  • Full quill ostrich leather in the vamp
  • 13” teal fainting goat shaft
  • Leather lining
  • Leather sole
  • 1 ⅛” inch roper heel
  • Wide square toe
  • Double welt stitch
  • Removable Cush-N-Sole

Leather, leather and leather- if you ask me to describe Anderson Bean Mad Dog Full Quill Ostrich Boots probably this is the best way to describe this pair. 

From vamp to the sole, everything is constructed with premium quality leather. The complete leather construction of this boot just hugs your feet. 

You’ll find full quill ostrich leather on the vamp that will provide a premium, exotic look and decorate your feet. Moreover, the shaft appears teal in color and made up of goatskin. Also, it has brown and white hand-stitching along with white piping on both sides.

The manufacturers didn’t end their job in designing. They also ensured that this pair is comfortable for your feet. Also, the roper heel provides enough stability that you could ask for.

The removable Cush-N-Sole comforts your feet, hands down. Moreover, the leather lining protects your feet from the seams.

On top of that, the leather sole is also there to play its versatile role. It ensures breathability and keeps the boot cool and dry inside. It also helps you to avoid shocks and regulates a good temperature. 

To be honest, you can’t ignore its wide-toe shape as well. It offers enough room for your feet inside the boot. 

Lastly, you don’t need to think about its durability as the double stitch is present to make this boot last for a long time.


The users of this boot encountered 2 common issues. Firstly, this boot takes a little longer to break-in. Lastly, the users find sizing issues with this pair, it appears a little bit large. So, I’d suggest you choose your size wisely. 

7. Cuadra Men’s Western Boot in Genuine Ostrich Leather Brown

  • Upper Material: ostrich leather with bovine leather
  • Weight: 4.35 lbs


  • Genuine ostrich leather and bovine leather
  • Leather sole come with TPU insole
  • Hand-painted 
  • Handwoven details, laser engravings, and metallic application
  • 1 ⅜” heel height

When the first time I saw this pair of Cuadra Men’s Western Boot, I was truly mesmerized seeing its appearance. The manufacturer used genuine ostrich leather in the vamp and in the rest of the parts they used bovine leather. 

The shaft has a top-notch hand-painted finish. But the best part is the laser-engraved details along with the metallic application to the monogram of Cuadra. Personally, I liked the way they put their monogram in the boot.

If you looked at this pair of boots, you might think that this is the western style ostrich boot that you had been searching for.

When we’re satisfied with a product’s appearance, we tend to look for other features that make it even better. In this case, I wanted to know how comfortable this boot is. 

Frankly speaking, there are not tons of features to make your feet comfortable inside the boot. However, the leather sole has a TPU injection and removable insole that make this boot comfortable for your feet.

On top of that, this boot provides decent traction and stability. As a result, you can wear this boot for a long time without any hassle.  


While we’re searching for the weak spots of this boot, we couldn’t find that much. However, this boot tends to run small. So, when you’re ordering this boot, make sure you choose the right size for your feet. 

8. Durango Men’s Premium Exotics Western Boot

  • Upper Material: Full quill ostrich with full-grain leather 
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs


  • Premium quality full quill ostrich leather
  • Cushion flex insole that comes with rearfoot stabilizer
  • ¾ genuine Goodyear welt construction
  • Completely leather lined
  • Pull tabs have ostrich overlay
  • 1 ¾” western heel
  • Heel base with leather stack
  • R toe shape
  • Nylon shank
  • Rolled shank area

Comfort and beauty- if you want to align them together in your exotic boots, probably there’s nothing as capable as Durango Men’s Premium Exotics Western Boot

Durango’s boot making is so special that we had to pick 3 boots on our list from this brand. 

This boot appears differently from the other 2 boots we have on our list. The vamp is decorated with full-quill ostrich leather and the upper has full-grain leather. The hand-embroidery on the shaft is truly impressive. No doubt, if you wear this pair, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

The best thing about this boot is it comes with so many features to make you comfortable as well as stylish. 

This boot has Durango’s very own X-Pand system to provide a simple on/off experience. On top of that, the Durango ERC footbed makes you energized for your next step every time. 

The insole features cushion flex and rearfoot stabilizers which provide maximum comfort and stability. Moreover, this insole is specially made to prevent odor-causing bacteria. It means there’s no unpleasant odor and no uncomfortable situation in front of people. 

Lastly, this boot is durable enough to survive a long time. The genuine ¾ Goodyear welt construction and double row cotton stitch are working together to make this boot durable. 


Despite this boot’s excellent quality and comfort, many users have a few complaints about this pair. A number of people have issues with the size and fitting of this boot. Other than that, you can buy this pair undoubtedly. 

9. Cuadra Full Quill Ostrich Western Boots 2B41A1

  • Upper Material: full quill ostrich leather
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs


  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Snip toe shape
  • Genuine full quill ostrich leather
  • Mule ear pull tabs
  • Leather lining
  • Rubber embedded leather insole

I don’t know why I feel that Mexican boots are rawer in design and style than the others. 

First of all, I’d like to start with the design of this boot. The full quill ostrich leather decorates the vamp in a fine way. 

But most importantly the hand-embroidered stitched pattern looks unique here. I’ve hardly seen such designs in ostrich boots, it’s unique I must say.

On top of that, this boot comes in 4 different color variants. If you’re tired of watching black and brown boots, probably the navy blue and tapestry color could satisfy you. 

The snip toe shape used in this boot looks amazing. Whether you want to ride horses or party with this pair, it suits both.

Cuadra Full Quill Ostrich Western Boots are competent to make you feel as well. It has mule ear pull tabs which offer an easy wearing experience.

Moreover, rubber-embedded leather insoles cushion your feet and make you feel comfortable. The breathability it offers isn’t top-notch, however, it won’t cause any discomfort as well. 

The stability and traction provided by this boot are satisfactory, not highly commendable. I mean I’ve other boots on this list that provide better traction and stability than this. 


Cuadra boots are so well made, and the users seem to hardly complain about any shortcomings. 

However, the users have complaints about sizing issues. So, before you order, measure your feet properly first. Then pick the right size for your feet. 

10. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Elgin Western Boot

  • Upper Material: full quill ostrich leather with cowhide leather
  • Weight: 4 lbs


  • Full quill ostrich leather used in vamp
  • Pull-on entry 
  • Dual pull loops
  • Leather outsole
  • Round toe
  • Handmade
  • Single stitch welt construction

Lucchese Bootmaker is a well-known brand in the boot industry. With their style, craftsmanship, and quality, Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Elgin Western Boot is an exotic that stands out in the crowd. 

This pair from Lucchese is a western boot featuring a round toe shape. For me, I prefer a round-toe shape in western boots, probably that’s the reason why I like this boot so much. 

The perk of round-toe shape is it allows you to spread out your feet naturally providing adequate space inside the boot. If you want to wear this boot for walking or casual wear, it won’t cause any discomfort.  

On top of that, the leather outsole provides a nice look as well as adequate ankle support and flexibility to your feet.

The main attraction in this boot is the full quill ostrich leather in the vamp, the exotic look you’ve been looking for. Moreover, the tonal stitching and hand-stained with a unique finish, make the shaft truly attractive.

I’ve seen a few people who think wearing boots is a hassle for them. But with the pull-on entry, wearing this boot on and off seems like a piece of cake. Also, the dual pull loop is there to fit this boot better on your feet.  

Comfort is the last thing I’m going to talk about. The insole of this boot is capable of making your feet comfortable. Moreover, it provides a cozy cushioning. 


I’ve searched for the shortcomings of this boot but I ended up finding just a few. 

The major drawback of this boot is the quill starts to come out after wearing. Well, it’s unusual but who knows, probably that pair has some issues, and the guy who bought it is unlucky. 

11. CUADRA Men’s Cowboy Boot in Genuine Ostrich Leather and Bovine Leather

  • Upper Material: genuine ostrich leather with bovine leather
  • Weight: 4.45 lbs


  • Sole made out of leather
  • Genuine ostrich leather with bovine leather
  • Boot opening measures 
  • Fine handmade finish
  • Handwoven detailing
  • Leather sole with TPU injection
  • 1 ⅙” heel height

If you want to go to a nightclub or a party wearing an exotic pair of ostrich boots, I have got a perfect match for you. Have a look at this CUADRA Men’s Cowboy Boot

A perfect exotic ostrich leather boot featuring ostrich skin on the vamp and the rest part has bovine leather. 

I like the Cuadra boots, especially for their craftsmanship. Look at the pattern of the shaft and its design. Looks impressive, right? The deep brown and black color combination is sure to make anyone take a second look at them. 

The shaft has a gorgeous handmade finish with premium quality engraved details. Moreover, the metallic application along with handwoven details truly let this boot stand out in the crowd. 

On top of that, the TPU injected leather insole cushions your feet and ensures the comfort that you need in your exotic boot.

However, Cuadra didn’t end their job in making this boot stylish. They also put their effort into making this boot durable as well as comfortable. This pair is durable enough to survive a long time. But the fact is, you need to take extra care of it. 


This boot needs extra care of yours. Probably, this isn’t the ideal pair for regular usage. If you still buy it, don’t expose it to light for a long time otherwise the light will change the tone of this boot.

Moreover, you should avoid rubbing this boot excessively. It can damage the woven and laser details.

If you’re capable of taking care of your boots, you can buy this pair without any confusion. 

Best Ostrich Print Boots: Looks the Same Yet Costs Much Less 

Exotic leather boots are undoubtedly expensive, but if you can’t afford them, you shouldn’t feel down. I’ve 4 pairs of ostrich print boots that can satisfy your thirst. So let’s see what I’ve picked. 

I won’t say this is a great substitute for genuine ostrich leather boots, but trust me, it’s hard to differentiate whether it’s real or not. 

This boot comes in 4 color variants and each variant is stylish, comfortable, and most importantly affordable. 

The appearance and design of this boot from Roper make it my favorite. And I really love the color it comes in. Besides, it’s made from faux leather and the shaft has beautiful 7 stitched patterns.

Moreover, the wide square toe shape along with the padded comfort insole will make your feet comfortable.  

This pair of boots are made from genuine cowhide, with no compromise in quality. Also, the ostrich print provides an exotic look that you’ve been looking for. 

On top of that, you’ll find leather lining and cushioned insoles for a comfortable experience. This boot comes in 3 different colors and each color looks nice. 

This is the only boot on our list for women and it’s affordable as well. This is a riding boot for women with an ostrich-skin print. 

At first glance, you’ll like this boot for its color and design. The shaft has an embroidery design which looks pretty decent. Also, with leather lining and cushioned insoles, it provides comfort at an affordable price.

How to Choose the Best Ostrich Boots for You?

When you’re investing quite a lot of money on a pair of boots, it’s really important that the investment brings a good return.

That said, you really need to know the details that make the best ostrich boots. So, let’s see what properties make the best ostrich boot.

What’s Your Purpose?

Before you want to buy a pair of ostrich boots, you should determine the purpose first. For example, if you want to ride wearing boots, definitely, the boots will be different from the classic boots. 

The fact is, people used to wear exotic boots at parties and fancy environments. Also, few people love to wear their exotic boots for regular usage. 

So, ask yourself, what are you going to do with your ostrich boot?

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Which Type of Ostrich Leather Do You Prefer?

Ostrich leather is one of many exotic skins used to make boots. This leather is well known for its softness, durability, and breathability. 

Ostrich boots can be made from full quill ostrich leather or from ostrich legs, and the type of leather used can be distinguished easily.

The full quill ostrich leather has distinctive textures and you’ll see the bumps from where the feathers have been plucked. 

On the other hand, the ostrich leg looks different from the full quill ostrich leather. The leg has a pattern that looks like scales. However, people get confused sometimes with snakeskin and ostrich legs.    

Is the Ostrich Leather Authentic?

Imagine if you paid the price for genuine ostrich leather and later found that it was regular leather with an ostrich print or even worse? 

Well, I’ve already assumed it. You’d definitely feel angry and disappointed. Anyway, to avoid this situation they’re a couple of tricks to identify genuine ostrich leather.

Firstly, when you run your hand along with the leather, you’ll feel the bumps. Also, there might be small pores at the top of the bumps. 

After touching the bumps you won’t feel uncomfortable, the feeling is easy-to-go type. 

Usually, this texture and feel are hard to replicate over faux leather. So, this is an easy way to identify authentic ostrich leather.

However, there is another way to identify genuine leather visually. The pattern you see in genuine ostrich leather is not uniform. But if the leather is fake, you’ll see a uniform pattern. 

What Styling Do You Prefer?

‘Many men, many minds’ do you remember this line? Well, the same thing applied to the style of a boot. And I’m pretty sure the boot style I prefer won’t match with yours. 

When it comes to buying a pair of ostrich boots, there are tons of styling available out there like traditional, western. Also, there are different styles, heel types, toe shapes, and so on.

Toe Shape

There are different toe shapes like round toe, snip toe, square toe, and a lot more. Your feet shape and how much space you need determine the toe shape. On top of that, your preference plays a big role here. 

For example, snip toes are my favorite. It looks great on my feet. However, if you have wide feet, the square toes will be more suitable for you.

Heel Type

In cowboy boots, you’ll see different heel types- walking heel, riding heel, and so on. Also, there are different heel heights available. 

You know what you’re going to do wearing your boots, don’t you? So, you should pick the heel type and length according to that. 

What Type of Soles Do You Need? 

Ostrich boots generally come in 2 types of soles- leather soles and rubber soles. 

Leather soles are perfect for occasional usage. For the perfect glide over the floor, leather soles are great. They are not as durable as rubber soles.

On the other hand, rubber soles have more durability. They’re also great for everyday use. However, the problem is if the rubber sole gets damaged, it’s hard to re-sole them. Worry not, if the boot is made with Goodyear welt construction, you can re-sole it. 

Does the Boot Fit Well? 

If the boot doesn’t fit well on your feet, all your money will go in vain because you can’t wear it comfortably. 

Maybe you know your shoe size, but the problem in exotic skin boots is the fitting may vary from leather to leather, brand to brand.  

If you’re a boot freak, you already know what you want. However, if you’re a newbie, I’d suggest you go to a shop, wear the boots and then decide the size you’re going to buy.  


  1. Are ostrich boots the best?

Ostrich skin is one of the many options when it comes to making boots from exotic leather. The softness of the leather makes ostrich boots the most comfortable and durable.

  1. Are ostrich skin boots tough?

No, ostrich skin boots are not tough. In fact, ostrich skin boots are famous for their softness, comfort, flexibility, and durability. 

  1. Are ostrich boots illegal?

Ostrich boots are not widely illegal. However, in US 6 states including Alaska, Maryland, Nebraska, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Missouri, and Yellowstone Park banned ostrich-skin boots.

  1. Is ostrich leather waterproof?

Ostrich leather isn’t completely waterproof. However, it’s water-resistant. It’s important not to expose ostrich leg leather to liquids or water otherwise permanent watermarks may appear.


When you’re buying an expensive exotic leather boot, you should check thoroughly to know which one is best for you. I think I’ve made this journey easier for you.

If you’re with me, you already know throughout this article I’ve tried to show you some of the best ostrich leather boots for you. Besides, I tried to look for their features, benefits, and drawbacks. I’m hopeful that this post will help you to choose the best ostrich boot for you. 

For now, I’m taking a break. Let me know which one you picked. 


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Richard is the Head of Content here at Bootpedia. From an early age, leather boots have been a passion for him. So, he thought why not share his knowledge with the rest of the world? 

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