Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boot: Which One Is The Best For You?

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Clarks has been producing its classic, iconic chukka-style Desert boots since 1950. Later, in 2005, they came up with another chukka-style boot named Bushacre 2.

Both Clarks Bushacre and Desert boots are almost similar in design. However, some distinctive features exist between them. 

When people are going to purchase them, they feel confused and wonder which one is better: Clarks Bushacre or Desert Boot. And that’s where the Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boot debate starts off.

If you’re one of them, worry not, because today I’m going to completely break down every detail and try to eliminate all the confusion regarding these 2 boots.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump in. 

Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boot: A Quick Comparison

This section will explore a quick difference and overview of Clarks Bushacre and Desert boots. If you’re running out of time, this section is enough to get a decent insight.

Comparing TopicsClarks BushacreDesert Boot
LeatherPull-up leatherPull-up leather
InsoleSheepskin (partial)Top grain leather (partial)
OutsoleSynthetic rubberCrepe sole
PriceLess expensive than desert bootsMore Costlier than Bushacre boots
ReturnDepends on retailerFree return up to 60 days

Clarks Bushacre: Overview

Clarks Bushacre was launched back in 2005. We’re going to talk about Bushacre 2 here.  

Clarks Bushacre 2 boots have rubber soles which ensure good durability and a cleaner look throughout the day.

However, the rubber soles diminish the comfort of these boots. If you’re planning to wear them for a longer walk, you need to think twice. On the good side, they are capable of providing you with good mileage.

Sadly, there’s no shank in this boot which means your heels might feel more pressure.  

Bushacre 2 has a really nice appearance I must say. You can wear them in the office, on casual outings, and on other occasions with ease. 

Most importantly, they’re mostly true to the size but choosing a half size down than your actual size is always a wise decision. 

When it comes to breaking in these boots you need to wear them several times.

Here are the pros and cons that you may have after purchasing a pair of Bushacre 2: 

Made of vulcanized rubber sole which is more durable than the crepe soleThe sole is harder than the Desert boot and offers less cushioning
The sole remains clean for a more extended period, doesn’t get muddy within a short timeThe leather feels slightly stiff
Easy to wear on, and definitely a comfortable slip-on bootLack of heel support due to the absence of a shank
Has a softer lining around the ankle area
Less expensive than Desert boots
The good quality pull-up leather doesn’t need routine care

Clarks Desert Boot: Overview

Clarks Desert Boot has been in the market for 70 years and embellishing our feet since then. 

Desert boots are made from pull-up leather which you also find in Bushacre boots. The Desert boots offer a unique appearance and I’m quite satisfied with their design.

You’ll find crepe soles in these boots which are more comfortable than the synthetic rubber soles found in Bushacre boots. However, you need to sacrifice durability since crepe soles are more delicate. 

The insole provides adequate cushioning and breathability and makes these boots even more comfortable.  

The pros and cons of this boot are given below so that it becomes easier for you to understand:

Good quality leatherNot as durable as Bushacre, crepe sole wears out fast if you wear them regularly
Offers a comfortable and relaxed experienceThe crepe sole is prone to dirt and becomes dirty very quickly 
Provides adequate cushioning and breathability
Reasonable pricing
Has a little break-in period
Provides good support to your feet and arch
Iconic and stylish 

Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boot: What’s The Difference?

In this section, we’ll dig deep and find out the differences between Clarks Bushacre and Desert Boot in detail. 

Leather Quality

Clarks doesn’t provide any specifics regarding what leather they’re using. The Clarks Desert and Bushacre boots are made up of pull-up leather which means they’re loaded with lots of waxes and oils.

Oils and waxes make leather water-resistant, which is the best part. However, both of them don’t perform outstandingly in rainstorms. 

So, be careful about it, don’t ruin your boots. Most importantly, they’re not waterproof.  

Usually, the leather of Bushacre is comparatively stiffer than the Desert boots which means Desert boots have better leather quality. 

Still, Desert boots can’t win the battle because of their stitching and dull edges issues. 

On top of that, the construction and finishing are better in Bushacre 2. The leather lining used in the interior feels soft on the feet and won’t cause any nuisance around your ankles. 

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Key Takeaway

Desert boots have better leather quality. However, the stitching and edges issues are the drawback for them. So, I think it’s a tie!


Don’t you have enough time to take care of your boots? Worry not! Both Bushacre and Desert boots require almost zero effort to clean.

Besides, you don’t need to clean them frequently. Just wipe them off with a clean piece of cloth. Yes, that’s it! Your job is done.

You should deep clean your boots to make them look fresh, neat, and clean. Moreover, you can apply leather balm to prevent the leather from cracking.

Key Takeaway

Since both Desert boots and Bushacre 2 are easy to clean and maintain, both of them are winners in this category. However, you need to put a little bit of extra effort to maintain the suede variants. 

Sole and Comfort

Although these 2 chukka boots are identically almost the same. The main difference between them is the soles. 

Desert boots are built with crepe soles. They feel softer and you’ll get the comfort that you need while standing all day long. On top of that, crepe soles are lightweight and flexible. 

However, the downside is they’re not as durable as Bushacre 2. Moreover, these soles are more delicate and you need to handle them carefully. 

Most importantly, crepe soles are prone to dirt which makes casual boots as well. The sole becomes so slippery during rain, you need to be careful about that.  

If you want to wear these boots for business casual attire, hold on for a second and see whether your boots look clean or not.

On the other side, Bushacre 2 boots are made of vulcanized rubber soles which make them last longer. Also, they feel harder than Desert Boots. Your feet might hurt if you’re planning to wear this pair and stand all day long. 

Moreover, rubber soles are not prone to dirt which means you can maintain the cleaner look of your boots for a longer period.

Besides, they show decent performance during rain and harsh weather. Wearing them in wet areas will help you to get a good grip and avoid slippage.

Key Takeaway

If we consider the sole’s longevity, definitely, Bushacre 2 is the winner. Besides, it’ll get extra points for the cleaner look. 

On the other hand, the Desert boot is the winner when comfort is your top priority and you don’t care about its appearance.  

Fit and Sizing

Desert Boots and Bushacre 2 are chukka boots, meaning they’ve similar shapes and styles. 

The fit of these 2 boots is identical. Since chukka boots tend to offer heel slip, you’ll find the same issue in these 2 boots as well. 

Moreover, the leather of these boots stretches out over time. Yet, when you’re purchasing these boots, you should pick the size that fits snugly on your feet.  

However, a few users suggest buying a half-size down so that the stretching won’t affect the fit of your boots. 

Key Takeaway

Again, it’s a tie since both boots have a similar shape and style, and they fit well. 

Break in Period

While other boots take weeks after weeks to break in, Clarks Desert and Bushacre boots are different in this case. 

Both Desert and Bushacre boots require a minimum time to break in properly. So, you have already assumed that you won’t need to suffer longer, and the break-in period isn’t truly painful.

The reason behind this is the pull-up leather used in both boots. You already know that pull-up leather is jam-packed with wax and oils which makes them supple, soft, and flexible.

However, you may experience a little amount of heel slip when you first try them out. Surprisingly, the heel slippage issue will disappear in a few weeks as soon as the upper leather and insole mold to your feet. 

Key Takeaway

To be honest, none of these boots are hard to break in. However, the Desert boot is a little bit ahead of the Bushacre 2 boot because of its soft leather and flexible crepe soles.  


You won’t find that much difference between Desert Boot and Bushacre boot at first glance. However, some subtle differences exist between them. 

For me, I’d go for the Desert boot because of its classic chukka style which is amplified by the crepe soles. 

The most popular color variant is beeswax color which provides better contrast between the shoe and sole color. 

However, you’ll find plenty of color variants for both of them. Some people also like suede leather variants, which are a lot of fun to wear and look good on the feet.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to appearance, it’s hard to differentiate both boots. They have similar colors, styles, and shapes. So, it’s a win-win situation for both of them. 


Both Desert boots and Bushacre boots are made of the same pull-up leather. The main difference is found in their soles. Besides, Desert boots are well-recognized for the comfort they provide.

I think these are the factors that create the price difference between them.

The iconic, classic Desert boot is more expensive whereas the Bushacre boot costs less than that. 

Key Takeaway

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a pair of long-lasting chukka boots, you should go for Clark Bushacre. 

On the other hand, if spending money isn’t an issue for you and you’re more into classic chukka style that ensures comfort, go for Desert boots. 

The Bottom Line

Throughout this post, I’ve tried to show you a comprehensive difference between Clarks Bushacre and Desert boots. 

Both of the boots appear almost the same but the soles used in them create the biggest difference.

In a nutshell, if you prioritize comfort over longevity, you should go for Desert boot. Besides, they’re great for moderate usage and casual wear.

However, keep in mind the crepe sole gets dirty so easily and they don’t last as long as the rubber sole. 

For rough usage, clean soles, and longevity, definitely Bushacre 2 ranks at the top of the list.    

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