How to Break in Wolverine Boots? 8 Easy Ways That Actually Work

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New boots are not meant to be worn every day. Hopefully, you’ll agree with me on this. They take time to get comfortable for your feet.

Last week I purchased a pair of brand-new Wolverine boots and I tried to break them in before I wear them on my vacation. So, I was looking for how to break in wolverine boots and I found some great ways to do that. 

When it comes to breaking in leather boots, I always go for the most effective, efficient yet safest ways. Trust me, I’ve accumulated 8 different methods that actually work and I can’t resist myself anymore sharing them with you.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump in. Shall we? 

How to Break in Wolverine Boots?

Here, I’m going to show your 8 different ways to break in your Wolverine boots. Here you go:

Method 1: The Traditional Way

Step 1: Start off with The Correct Fit

Do your wolverine boots fit well? Although this question arises when you purchase your boots. But the thing is without proper fit you may face several issues to break in your boots.

A new pair of boots should feel stiff but not too uncomfortable like a leather prison. If you choose the correct fit, the leather will extend and your boots will mold to your feet eventually. 

The truth is without a proper fit, it’s hard to ensure comfort. Moreover, if you have wide feet, go for wide-size boots. 

People tend to go one size up, which is a mistake. Wide shoes are for wide feet, going one size up provides extra room but it won’t make any difference. Also, it can cause discomfort.

My advice is to go to a store physically, try the boots out, and then purchase them. It’ll help you to get the proper fit.

However, if you can’t do that, visit a nearby professional who can measure your feet correctly using the Brannock device. After knowing the perfect size for your feet, store it in your brain for eternity and order your boots. 

Step 2: Wear Your Boots with Thick Socks

Thick socks (specially made of wool) come in handy when it comes to breaking in your boots.

High arches and wide balls in your feet might explain why your boots cause blisters and feel so uncomfortable. 

Your job is to stretch the leather of those areas and that’s where thick socks come in to help you out. However, it may feel tight at first, but it won’t bother you in the long run.

Leather boots need a gentle amount of pressure, moisture, and heat to break in properly. Most importantly, when you wear thick socks the leather of your boots receives these 3 things naturally and generously. They can warm up your feet and sweat from your feet will moisturize the leather.

The ideal set of heat, moisture, and pressure loosens the fibers from leather and your boots will mold to the shape of your feet.

Step 3: Walk Around Your Home Wearing Your New Boots

The next step is to walk around your home wearing your new Wolverine boots. And don’t forget to put on your thick pair of socks.

Wolverine boots are tough boots that may take longer to break in. Wear your boots and walk around your home for 10-30 minutes. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times a day for 1-2 weeks. This may provide a pin-and-needle feeling to your feet initially but over time the leather will stretch and won’t hurt you anymore. 

It’ll also help you to figure out whether your boots fit well if you order them online. 

The bonus part is when you walk inside your home, your boots won’t get dirty. If the boot doesn’t fit well, you can return them easily.   

Most importantly, the leather will stretch effectively when you wear them with thick socks and walk around. Don’t forget to try this out to break in your boots.

Step 4: Go For a Walk Outside

Hopefully, by now you already know whether your boots fit well or not. Now your job is to wear them and walk outside. 

However, once you wear your boots outside, you can’t send them back. So, keep this in mind.

My advice is don’t go too far since your boots haven’t broken in properly and your feet might get hurt and cause blisters. You can walk in your backyard, try out stair steps or go out for groceries. 

Most importantly, the ideal course of action is to walk in different textures and hardness for breaking in properly. 

Some people suggest stepping on your heels to relax the stiff areas of your boots. Also, others advise you to step on your toes. Hopefully, these small walking sessions come in handy to break in your boots.

Method 2: Use Leather Conditioner/Oil

Your skin needs moisture and nourishment, doesn’t it? Likewise, your boots are made up of animal skin which needs moisture as well.

You can apply leather conditioner or oil to treat the leather of your boots. It’ll relax the upper of your boots and soften the leather significantly. As a result, leather will stretch to the right size and mold your feet.

However, you need to be careful while applying conditioner or oil to your leather boots. If you over-condition your boots, the leather will be excessively relaxed and may develop depression in the leather.  

Moreover, your boots may function well but the style may appear sloppy. So, all you need is a little amount of conditioner to apply to your boots. 

Also, you may find the instructions in the packaging, you should apply the conditioner according to that.

Method 3: Scuff the Heel

Scuffing the heel is an effective trick when the hard leather heel causes pain and blisters in your feet. However, I don’t recommend this method to work on the upper. 

In this process, you’ll need fine-grit sandpaper. Just gently scuffing the interior of the heel will do the trick. Remember, rub the area gently, don’t overdo it.

By scuffing the heel, leather fibers will be exposed and will more easily grip your sock. As you walk, your heel will rub more on your soft cotton sock than on your hard leather boot.

Moreover, you’ll get more heel grip but the shortcoming is excess grip may alter the style and fitting of your boots. 

Method 4: Use Boot Stretcher 

A boot stretcher is a savior when it comes to breaking in tough and stiff boots like Wolverine. When other traditional methods don’t show a fruitful result, you can go for this method.

You’ll find boot stretchers in your nearby stores and online marketplaces. Here’s how to use a boot stretcher:

  • Insert the boot stretcher inside the boot
  • Twist the knob clockwise to adjust the width of the stretcher
  • Leave the boot stretcher inside your boots for 24 to 48 hours to stretch the leather properly

Method 5: Stretching Spray

Stretching spray is also useful to stretch the leather and break in your boots. When you spray it on your boots, it’ll make the leather supple and expandable without fading or damaging the leather.  

Applying stretching spray to your boots is just a piece of cake. Wear your thickest pair of socks and put on your boots. 

After that, apply the stretching spray evenly on your boots (or the areas where the leather is too stiff) and wear the boots until the spray dries out. Moreover, you can utilize this procedure using a shoe stretcher.

Method 6: Using a Hair Dryer

As I said earlier, heat, moisture, and pressure are the 3 most important elements to break in your boots. 

Using a hair dryer can provide a generous amount of heat to your Wolverine boots which will help to stretch out the leather faster.

This method is also simple. First, put on your thickest pair of socks and wear your boots. Grab the hairdryer and plug it on.

Now turn on the hair dryer and keep it 5 to 6 inches away from your boots to avoid any damage. Move the dryer back and forth to apply the heat generously.

Make sure every area receives proper treatment. Focus on the more stiff areas which need a better stretch. 

You must be extra careful here to prevent any damage. Overheating the leather may ruin your boots. 

Lastly, you can use a leather conditioner or oil to moisturize and soften the leather. Moisturizing the leather would be a perfect combination with heat.  

Method 7: Keep Your Boots In Freezer

You can keep your Wolverine boots in your freezer and later, defrost them before you put them on. Maybe it sounds a little bit weird, but trust me, it actually works to break in your boots.

However, this is not a well-recommended method. Use this only if you’re unable to break in your boots in other ways.

Here’s what you need:

  • Water
  • A high-quality reusable freezer bag
  • Freezer 

Here’s the detailed procedure:

  • Fill the freezer bag halfway with clean water
  • Remove air from the bag and seal it properly. Make sure there’s no chance of a leak 
  • Now insert the freezer bag inside your boots 
  • Now place your boots in the freezer and leave them for 8 to 12 hours. When the ice expands, the leather will stretch.
  • After that, pull your boots out from the freezer and allow them to thaw. Wait until the ice defrosts suitably so that you won’t need to forcefully remove the bag
  • Now wear your boots and notice the changes

Method 8: Hammering Your Boots

Maybe this method sounds unorthodox to you but it works. However, hammering your boots may decrease the supple feeling of the leather. 

This is not a well-recommended method as well because it can damage your boots. My job is to show you the path and warn you, the rest depends on you completely. 

Anyway, you’ll need a towel and hammer to do the job. Here’s the process:

  • Wrap your boots with a towel properly, it’ll help to avoid damage. 
  • Now hammer your boots with a little pressure for 15 to 20 minutes in the heel and sole.
  • Don’t hammer too harshly, it can ruin your boots. Besides, using a rubber mallet is always a good idea rather than a metal hammer.
  • Repeat the process (not instantly) for a better outcome and then don’t forget to check the fitting. 

How Not to Break In Wolverine Boots?

Maybe you’ve already seen so many methods to break in your boots. In fact, here I’ve mentioned 8 methods as well. 

However, there are also so many ways to break in your Wolverine boots that you shouldn’t need to follow. Because there are high chances of ruining your lovely pair of boots. Here’s what you need to avoid-

  • Don’t submerge your boots in water or don’t make them wet. It can damage the leather.
  • Don’t apply heat directly to your boots. Besides, don’t apply excessive heat to your boots.
  • Breaking in requires time, don’t expect quick results and overdo anything. It’ll ruin your boots. Remember, patience is the key.
  • Don’t apply hot water treatment to your boots.
  • Don’t wear your leather boots every day to break in them. If you wear them for 2 days, skip at least 1 day and wear them again.

How to Make Your Wolverine Boots Comfortable?

I know how painful it is to wear your boots before they break in. However, there are several ways to make your Wolverine boots comfortable. Here you go:

  • Always choose the correct fit, you can adjust the laces to make you feel comfortable. While purchasing Wolverine boots, go for a half size down than your regular size. The leather will stretch over time. 
  • Wear thick socks, it’ll prevent rubbing your feet against the wall of your boots.
  • Apply blister plaster to your feet, especially to those areas where you get hurt. Blister plaster can prevent your feet from getting blisters.
  • Stuff your boots with newspaper overnight to stretch out the leather
  • Don’t wear your new boots for long distances, it’ll hurt your feet. Go for a short walk, it’ll help to break in your boots.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize the leather, it’ll soften and stretch the leather effectively. Apply leather conditioner or oil to your boots at least once a week.


  1. How long do Wolverine boots take to break in?

Any tough leather boots like Wolverine takes at least 80 to 100 hours to break in.

  1. Will Wolverine boots stretch out?

Yes, Wolverine boots stretch out as soon as they break in. Always go for half size down than your regular size when you buy Wolverine boots. 

  1. Do Wolverine boots stretch as you wear them?

Yes, when you start to wear your Wolverine boots, they stretch over time and mold to your feet. 

Final Thoughts

Throughout this article, I’ve shown you 8 different methods to break in your Wolverine boots. Among them, the traditional way (method 1) is the safest way to break them in. However, it takes longer.

In other methods, you just need to be extra careful (especially in the hair dryer, freezer, and hammering method) to protect your boots from ruining. However, all of the methods work effectively and require different time periods.

Let me know which method you applied to break in your Wolverine. 


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