How to Wash UGG Boots in Washing Machine?

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I get it. Your UGG boots have reached a point where they’re filled with so many stains that you don’t know where to start. The UGGs might even have mold on them.

Or, you just want to skip going to the dry cleaner. Either way, you need to know how to wash UGG boots in washing machine. 

I know a lot of people go against washing UGGs in the washing machine. But they say that for all boots. And it is true to some extent. Well, you shouldn’t do it unless there’s no other way.

But if you do it right, your UGG boots can come out alive. In fact, they’ll be close to new. 

That said, there’s no point in wasting any more time. Let’s dive in, shall we? 

How to Wash UGG Boots in Washing Machine? 

You probably don’t need any hand-holding with this easy process. Just follow the steps correctly and your dirty UGG boots are going to come up cleaner than ever. But you should try a different method first if you want to clean black UGGs or your UGGs smell.

Here are steps of washing UGG boots in washing machine- 

Step 1: Vacuum/Clean the Insides of the Boot 

The insides of your UGG boots are probably filled with months of dirt. The easiest way to get those out is to use a vacuum cleaner. 

Install the narrowest attachment and vacuum everything out of the boots. Although make sure you reach the furthest toe area vacuuming out all the dirt. 

But if you don’t want to do that, there’s always the upside-down slapping method. 

A few good slaps should let out most of the dirt. The washing machine can take care of the rest. 

Step 2: Clean the Outsole with a Damp Cloth

If you put your dirt-filled UGG boots inside your vacuum cleaner, it’s only going to mess it up. You don’t want dirt on clothes the next time you use the washing machine. 

However, you can’t or shouldn’t use any toothbrush as you do with other boots. The friction can ruin the texture of the Grade-A sheepskin leather. 

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Instead, use a damp cloth to wash out the dirt. That will clean the outsole without any damage. 

But whatever you do, don’t scrub. Scrubbing with a cloth can damage the surface pretty badly as it’s already wet. 

You can use some detergent if you need it. But make sure it’s safe for sheepskin. 

Step 3: Put the Boots Inside a Laundry Bag/Pillow Case

You don’t want your UGG boots to get stomped around inside the washing machine. In fact, the agitator can mess up your boots pretty bad. Also, don’t think that the washing machine will stretch your UGGs or shrink your UGGs for that matter.

The easiest solution to this problem is putting the boots inside a laundry bag. This way the boots won’t be damaged even if they jump around. 

But if you don’t have mesh laundry bags lying around, there’s always the pillowcase method. 

It’s not ideal but it can get the job done. Although don’t use the ones you like. You might not like what will come out of the washing machine. 

Step 4: Put These Inside the Washing Machine 

Your UGG boots are ready to go. So, put them inside the washing machine and don’t worry too much about it. 

Step 5: Pour a Small Amount of UGG Shampoo/Detergent 

If you ask me, I’d go for the UGG Shampoo. But it’s okay if you’re not feeling too fancy today. It’s not completely necessary that you use it. 

However, you should NEVER use regular detergent or any kind of dishwashing liquid. I know dishwashing liquid is a lot less harsh. But even that’s way too harsh for sheepskin leather. 

What you can do is get a dye-free detergent. If you’ve already got some at home, make sure it’s suitable for delicate items. 

It might not seem like it but your UGG boots are more delicate than you think. 

Step 6: Set to the Lowest Speed Settings 

The lower the speed, the better it is for the boots. Don’t worry, your boots are still going to be squeaky clean even if the speed is set at the lowest setting. 

If you have your ears open, you already know how a lot of people are against washing UGGs in the washing machine. While that’s a controversial topic, you shouldn’t overdo it by increasing the speed. 

Step 7: Bring Out the Boots 

The boots should be cleaned out when you’re done. The color will be a bit darker as the boots are wet. So, don’t think about that. That color won’t take time to change. 

Step 8: Stuff Newspaper Inside the Boots and Dry Overnight 

You can skip stuffing newspapers. But if your boots have seen some adventures, it’s better if you don’t skip it. 

It’s an easy task, won’t take more than 5 minutes. However, doing this can help the boots retain their original firm shape. 

Do UGGs Fade Out When You Wash Them in the Washing Machine? 

The truth is your UGGs will fade out to some extent when you wash them in the washing machine. But there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. 

If you’re already at this point, your boots are probably full of stains and spots. Even worse, some people have stink coming out of their boots. 

It’s not that easy to clean these with delicate methods. Putting them inside the washer cleans them out in a couple of minutes. 

On top of that, I’d prefer a uniform lighter colored pair of boots over the stain and spot-filled ones any day. The rest is up to you. 

Things to Consider When Washing UGG Boots in Washing Machine 

Washing UGGs is already controversial enough. But if you look deep, the controversy is only because of a few mistakes. 

Follow these rules and you won’t ever damage your UGG boots when you’re washing them- 

Never Ever Use Regular Detergents for UGGs

This is the most common mistake people make. And the worst part is it’s the deadliest mistake. 

It might seem harmless. After all, it’s detergent. It can’t do much damage, right? 


Regular detergents contain a lot of harsh chemicals. This includes dyes and perfumes. These might be good for your clothes but not for something as delicate as a pair of UGG boots. 

The best solution is to stick to using the UGG Shampoo. Although you get a much better deal when you buy the UGG Shoe Care Kit

But if that seems overkill for you. Stick to the gentlest laundry detergent you can find. 

Never Go for Higher Speeds   

It’s tempting, I know. You want to do good for your boots. But in the end, you’ll be doing more harm. 

A lot of people are already against putting UGGs in washing machines. Don’t make it even more complicated. 

Other than that, a higher speed can actually damage the surface even with laundry bags. 

Always Use Laundry Bags or Pillow Cases 

I can’t stress this enough. You don’t want to put on your delicate UGG boots without laundry bags or at least a pillowcase. 

No matter how low the setting is, it’s still going to jump around inside the washing machine. A laundry bag or a pillowcase saves the boots from any unwanted damage caused by that. 

The Drying Part is Important too 

It doesn’t end with the washing part. Think about it, your boots will have gone through a lot inside the washing machine. 

The least you can do is let them dry properly. Well, they are going to dry out no matter what. But they’ll lose their shape in the process. 

This is where newspapers come in. Stuff your boots with newspaper and they’ll have the perfect shape when they dry out completely. 


Can UGGs be washed in the washing machine?

UGGs can be washed in the washing machine. But sheepskin leather is a delicate material that’s not suitable for washing machines. The only time you should put them inside the washing machine is when the stink’s too bad and the regular cleaning method won’t work that well. 

How long do UGG boots take to dry?

It can take around 24 hours for UGG boots to completely dry. When drying the stuffing newspaper helps speed up the drying process. However, you shouldn’t put them under direct sunlight or near any heat source for shortening the drying time. 

Will washing UGGs ruin them?

Washing UGGs won’t ruin them unless you set the speed to the highest setting possible or don’t use any laundry bags. However, UGGs do tend to fade out a bit when you wash them. But the uniformed look is still a lot better than the stain-filled original color. 

Can you put UGG boots in the dryer?

It’s better not to use any kind of boot dryer for UGG boots. The Grade-A sheepskin leather is too delicate for the heat of the dryer. Naturally drying in a well-ventilated area is better for the longevity of the boots. 

How to store UGG boots after washing? 

Like every other leather, sheepskin leather also needs to breathe. You should keep these boots in a well-ventilated area where there’s no direct sunlight. The boots might lose their shape over time. So, consider stuffing socks to hold the shape when you’re not using them. 

Final Words 

Knowing how to wash UGG boots in washing machine can be a lifesaver when you want to save some money on the dry cleaner. Moreover, it’s quite time-saving too. 

And if you do it right, your boots come out with little to no damage. Well, that’s about it for me. If you have any more tips, don’t forget to comment down below.

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