How to Stretch UGG Boots? (4 Safe Yet Effective Methods)

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It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we feel like the fit is right and when we come home it seems too tight. And it’s even worse if you order online and can’t return it. 

However, don’t lose hope. There’s a solution. What you need to know is how to stretch UGG boots. And well, there are a few other things you must know. 

The bottom line is, I’ve prepared an elaborative guide for you. Just go through the entire post and you’ll know everything there is about stretching UGG boots. 

Let’s dive in, shall we? 

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Do UGG Boots Stretch? 

Like every other leather boot, UGGs too stretch almost half a size naturally. UGGs made out of genuine sheepskin leather might be snug at first but over time, your feet get a bit more time.

Moreover, you can manually stretch UGGs with various DIY and professional methods. In fact, you can also shrink UGGs.

However, this is not applicable to everyone. Let’s say you wear a size 10 and but somehow you got a size 8. That’s not going to work no matter how hard you try. 

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From painful blisters to heel slips, you’ll face a number of difficulties. 

But on the plus side, if you got a size 9 where you need a 10, that might not be a problem. 

UGGs are known for their coziness. However, this also means these boots stretch pretty easily due to the softness of the material.

What I’m trying to say is, stretching a pair of UGGs is a lot easier and faster than stretching some Doc Martens. In fact, removing any smell or mold from UGGs is easy too.

How to Stretch UGG Boots: 4 Effective Methods 

I only mentioned the most practical and safest methods. There are other methods like wetting the boots and then wearing them with socks until they dry. 

Those are the methods you need to avoid. Why? Well, go down below. There’s a whole different section for that. 

For now, let’s focus on how you can stretch UGG boots- 

Method 1: Boot Stretcher 

The safest and the most efficient method there is. The only problem is boot stretchers are a bit expensive. 

Although don’t worry about that. I’ve got the right(what I mean is affordable) product for you. 

1-way Boot Stretcher 

Whether you want it for your UGGs or not, you should still get one. You never know when you need to stretch out a pair of boots. 

But the problem is the price. Most people suggest using wood boot stretchers. And for good reasons. These are excellent tools that last a long time. 

If it were shoes, I could’ve helped you. There are some remarkably good and affordable shoe stretchers you can find online. But there aren’t any plastic stretchers for long boots like UGGs.

Are There Any 2-way Boot Stretchers? 

2-way boot stretchers stretch both horizontally and vertically. However, you wouldn’t find anything for boots. 

I’ve searched a lot online and still couldn’t find any. If you find anything like that on Amazon, do give the link below. 

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Calf Stretchers 

A lot of people can’t put on their UGGs properly. And most often the culprit is a tight or narrow calf. 

I wish regular boot stretchers would also come with a calf stretcher. But that doesn’t happen. 

So, you need to buy a separate boot calf stretcher. On the plus side, you can keep these in your boots whenever you’re not using them. This will help to keep the shape. 

How to Use Boot Stretchers? 

Please don’t damage your UGGs by inserting the boot stretcher in the wrong way. Here’s how to do it properly- 

  • Put in the boot stretcher when it’s not expanded. The same goes for calf stretchers
  • Make sure the end of the stretcher reaches the toe area of your UGG boots. For calf stretchers, DO NOT go all the way down to the sole. Just stay in the calf section. 
  • Continue expanding the boot stretcher until the leather shows enough resistance. Don’t be afraid, your UGGs won’t tear or split. Otherwise, it won’t stretch. 
  • Leave your UGG boots for a minimum of 8 hours. It’s better to leave them like that overnight. However, 8 hours is a minimum. 
  • You can stretch more but give your boots some breathing time. Give them 8 hours of break and continue again if you’re not satisfied with the stretch. 

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Tips for Buying Boot Stretchers

  • While it costs more money, you should still buy boot stretchers in pairs. If not, the other one’s just going to sit there doing nothing. But then again, if you can afford the time, go ahead. 
  • Shoe stretchers and boot stretchers are DIFFERENT. Shoe stretchers don’t have a long handle, making it impossible to stretch high-ankle boots like UGGs. 

Method 2: Leather Stretching Spray

Before I say anything, I want to mention that the FootFitter Shoe Stretch Spray is the leather stretching spray you should get. It’s simple and easy to use. Basically, it does what it says and it does an outstanding job.  

Now, there are a couple of ways you can do it. But whatever you do, don’t spray it on the outside of your UGG boots. While it does dry out pretty fast, it leaves a sticky feeling on the boots. 

The best way to use it is by spraying on the insides. Even though the insides are soft too. But at least you won’t have to look at that every time you bring out the boots. 

Another approach is to keep wearing the boots for half an hour after you’ve sprayed. The pressure from your feet speeds up the stretching process. 

Free Alternative: Rubbing Alcohol 

Do you have some at home? Sure, you do. Everyone does nowadays. 

But the interesting fact is leather stretching sprays are mostly alcohol. So, you can use rubbing alcohol too. But be careful not to use too much. 

Don’t come crying to me if you’ve excessively dried out the leather. I gave you a warning beforehand. 

Method 3: Hairdryer with Thick Socks 

Even my dad used to follow this method when he was in the navy. Well, they didn’t have a hairdryer but the thick socks were there. Here are some men’s socks and let’s not forget about the women’s socks

What you do is simple- 

  • Wear two thick wool socks. Stick to one, if two’s a bit too much for you
  • Start blow drying with a hairdryer with heat and continue for 3-5 minutes for each session. 
  • Always keep a distance of 6-8 inches to avoid any heat damage  
  • The heat will soften the leather and allow it to reshape for extra width or length. 
  • It might not work too well the first time. So, keep trying for at least a week. If you’re still not satisfied with the results, you can follow other methods. 

Method 4: Water Bag in the Freezer  

Grandma swears by this method. Well, she might not be wrong. But then again, it’s still at the bottom of my list and there’s a good reason for that. 

Your UGGs will become frozen. You might have to deal with snow stains(or not). And most importantly, I’m just not a fan of this method. 

Anyway, this is what you have to do- 

  • Grab a gallon-sized plastic bag and fill half of it with water. 
  • Insert the bag into your boots ensuring it reaches the end of the toe area. 
  • Keep your boots in the freezer for 8 hours or overnight. 
  • Take out the boots the next morning.
  • But don’t take out the plastic bag until the water is completely defrosted. 

So, What’s the Best Method to Stretch UGGs? 

If you ask for my opinion, I’d always stick with the boot stretcher. It’s the safest and most efficient method out there. And a man should own a pair of these. Especially if you wear high-ankle boots a lot. 

On the other hand, the leather stretching spray method is quite reliable too. But then again, the stretching spray unleashes its full potential only when you team it up with a boot stretcher. 

UGGs are Hard to Put On: The Right Way to Wear Them

Despite their popularity for giving a heavenly feeling on your feet, sometimes UGGs are hard to put on. Most of the time, the problem is the wrong size. 

I’ve already explained how you can stretch your UGGs, now you need to know how to wear them properly so that they don’t tear. 

Long story short, you need to be extra careful when pulling them on your feet. Read on to find out the rest- 

Don’t Pull with the Top Seam 

Even though these are known as boots, people don’t mind them calling them ‘slippers’. The reason is the comfort is too good. 

However, you need to keep in mind that UGGs are not as durable as your regular Doc Martens. I mean, these are tough but not tough enough to handle extreme situations. 

So, when you’re putting them on, don’t go pulling the top seam. The rim and pull tags are vulnerable too. Go a bit easy on them. Unless you want to tear your most comfortable pair of boots. 

No Pull Tags? Use Your Body Weight and The Floor

Some UGG boots have a minimal design where they remove the pull tags. While this means that putting them on will be a bit harder, you can make it easier. 

Instead of pulling the top seam too hard, do this-

  • Put your UGGs on the floor. 
  • Insert your toes first.
  • Then make use of your body weight for sliding in. 
  • UGGs are super comfortable so you won’t have any problem with slide-in.

If Nothing Works, Try a Calf Stretcher 

What I’ve mentioned above isn’t necessarily a solution. It’s just the proper way of putting on UGGs. 

However, these won’t work if you’ve bought smaller sizes. The only solution you have is to buy a calf stretcher.

I’ve already explained above how to use it so I’m not getting into that. But you can stretch even more if you apply some leather stretching spray beforehand. 

What You Shouldn’t Do to Stretch UGGs 

UGGs are made out of sheepskin leather. I don’t have to go on about how comfortable these boots are. You already know that. 

What you might not know is some of the materials used in these boots are quite fragile compared to other leather boots. 

So, you need to avoid a couple of methods if you want to stretch your boots without ruining them- 

Submerge in Water 

This is probably the most dangerous thing you can do to your UGGs. It’s fine if they are age-old boots and you just want to wash them. 

But you want to stretch them so that you can keep wearing them, right? 

Well, if that’s the case. Don’t submerge your UGGs in water. Just keep it away from water. That’s it. Only wash UGGs in the washing machine when there’s no other way.

Apply Heat for Too Long 

You know heat from a hairdryer does stretch UGG boots pretty fast. But it also dries out all the moisture from the leather. 

And this is where most people suffer. They go overboard eventually ruining their UGGs with cracks. 

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So, when you’re using the hairdryer method, do take some breaks in between. And for the best results, combine it with a leather stretching spray

Use Too(Or Any) Much Leather Conditioner(AVOID IT FOR UGGs)

Leather conditioners were NOT MADE for UGGs. Use them on your oiled, waxed, or plain leather boots. They’ll thank you for it. 

But UGGs are quite similar to suede and nubuck. That’s why using any kind of leather conditioner will just ruin the look. 


Why are Ugg boots so tight?

UGGs boots offer a snug feeling when first worn. But that’s going to change once you break in the boots. The natural stretch of the boots will make them conform to the shape of your feet. Although it is true that they should feel a bit tighter as they stretch more than other boots. 

Do UGGs feel tight at first?

UGGs feel a lot tighter when compared to other boot fittings. The reason is UGGs run somewhat bigger so you should always size down when you’re choosing your pair. Over time, the boots will naturally stretch making them feel a lot more comfortable. 

Are UGGs meant to be worn without socks?

You should never wear socks with UGGs unless you’re trying to stretch the boots. UGGs have a plushy, comfortable interior that makes your feet feel like they’re in heaven. You just won’t get that feeling if you wear socks with them. 

How long does it take for UGGs to stretch?

It takes around 4 weeks for a new pair of UGGs to complete the break-in period. However, it can come down to 2 weeks if you wear them every single day. On the other hand, with manual stretching, the time depends on what method you’re following. 

Do UGG boots fit wide feet?

UGG boots are probably the widest boots you’ll find on the market. The reason is they focus on comfort. So, it’s needless to say, there will be extra width for extra comfort. That said, people with wide feet can easily slide into a pair of UGG boots. 

How do you stretch the inside of UGG boots?

The best method to stretch the inside of UGG boots is to apply leather stretching spray inside. Then wear thick socks and walk around the house for half an hour. If you don’t want that, a boot stretcher can do that for you. 

The Bottom Line

You never know when you’re getting a pair of UGGs that are too small for you. So, knowing how to stretch UGG boots comes in handy at times like those. 

Anyway, that’s all from me. I hope I’ve give you all the information you need. And if you have any tips, drop a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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