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LAMO Boots vs UGGs: Top Differences Picked For You!

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Don’t you expect warmer vibes while outing with your favorite boots in the winter mornings? I do! That’s why, I prefer exploring different boots deeply before buying one. 

So, I can relate to your dilemma. Worry not, here I show you the key differences between two famous brands of boots- LAMO and UGG!

So, what are the differences between LAMO boots vs UGGs? The main difference lies in their utilized materials. While LAMO boots are made of suede, leather, and sheepskin, etc., UGGs come with only sheepskin. And, LAMOs are only waterproof here. In terms of pricing, LAMOs also win over UGGs. 

Throughout this article, I’ll compare LAMO boots and UGGs boots. Hopefully, this intervention will help you decide which one is more suitable to wear! 

LAMO Boots vs UGGs: A Quick Glimpse

Before exploring their comparisons in detail, I think checking this table out will help you! So, let’s have a look!

Compared FactorsLAMO BootsUGG Boots
Construction MaterialSuede, leather, and sheepskinSheepskin only
Weather ResistanceWaterproofNot waterproof
Comfort and SupportSofter but flexibleMore comfortable and durable
Style and DesignStylish and comfyMore trendy
Gripping and TractionBetter and versatileAverage
Sizing and FitRuns shorterBigger

But you should know them in detail, shouldn’t you? That’s why, I have kept the upcoming sections for you! Let’s grab as many details as possible.

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LAMO Boots vs UGGs: Detailed Comparison

It’s time to explore them all as deeply as possible. Here we go!

Construction Material

LAMO boots are made of suede, leather, and sheepskin, etc., materials. Also, twin-faced sheepskin originated from Australia and New Zealand makes this brand reliable among users. 

Meanwhile, UGGs are only constructed from sheepskin. Interestingly, they are made of different sheepskin, not the twin-faced type!

Weather Resistance

No matter the weather, your feet stay dry while wearing LAMO boots. They are full of waterproof materials. Also, employing splash-resistant technology ensures users feet are dry and repels water. 

During winter, its comfy fleece lining keeps feet warm. On the other hand, UGGs are superior in bringing different styles to your boots rather than enhancing functionality. And so, you may not find them enough weather resistant. 

Comfort and Support

LAMO boots come softer but flexible. So, offering users enough support is tough due to its softness. Moreover, people having ankle issues or injuries might not find it suitable. But I can bet; the comfort in them is 10 on 10! You can stand in a place and even walk for so long, but barely any discomfort you’ll feel. 

On the other hand, UGG boots are made of premium quality materials. Relevantly, these supportive materials ensure your feet have good protection. Going for hiking or snowing-based sports? UGGs can be the ideal pick!

Style and Design

Both brands produce stylish and comfy boots. LAMO targets every possible user with different age groups and genders. From a double-faced Australian sheepskin to an informal premium faux fur, you can have them for the long run. 

In the meantime, a large collection of taller and shorter boot designs of LAMO are available. Colors like black, tan, and brown are widely used in this brand. However, UGGs typically bring up trendy boots that you might not see in other brands. 

Not even in LAMOs! And compared to UGGs, you’ll feel LAMO boots are more lively and brings a timeless look.

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Gripping and Traction

You might need to wear boots on different surfaces. Which brand can ensure enough comfort, whatever the surface’s condition? I found LAMO quite versatile while providing exceptional grip and traction. 

Coming with specially created outsoles keeps them more durable than any other boots. It has rubber compounds too. At the same time, you can’t find enough gripping or even traction while wearing UGGs. 

Yes, UGG boots bring traction on smoother surfaces. But what if you go on rough terrains? Believe me; UGGs are an underperformer there!

Sizing and Fit

LAMO generally runs a bit shorter than UGGs. In this case, ordering a size up of LAMO will keep your trouble away. Also, LAMO is better for users with wider feet than average. Its boots provide enough room in width.

In terms of fitting, both brands bring enough comfort, no doubt at all! However, some users claim UGG boots are highly likely to slip off and interrupt your walking consistency. 

But LAMO boots don’t compromise staying in the right position. So, want your pair to be more secure while staying on your feet? Opting for LAMO can be an ideal move. 


I bet you’ll find LAMO boots more affordable than UGGs. However, LAMO comes with different shoes containing a variety of styles and designs. 

Depending on these factors, you might see a slightly different price range among LAMO boots. The average pricing of UGGs can be less pricey than the most expensive LAMO boots. 

Both brands offer premium quality sheepskin boots, so it’s up to you whether you spend more! But I suggest you go for the cost-effective LAMO boots. Worth every penny!

Final Verdict

I recommend you to get LAMO boots. Specially, they cost less with greater comfort. Along with that, LAMOs come with different high quality materials and are waterproof too! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LAMO provide real sheepskin footwear?

Yes, LAMO brings footwear made exclusively of good quality Australian sheepskins and Australian Merino wool. It comes with an authentic sheepskin product range. Utilizing the proper type of sheepskin makes LAMO more comfortable among users.

Where is Koolaburra made?

Koolaburra originated in Santa Barbara, California, and was founded in 1991. This brand’s products are made of authentic sheepskin, a privately controlled American footwear. Coming with both- boots and different types of shoes are also manufactured in Vietnam. Previously, Australia, China, Spain, and Portugal, were also the manufacturing countries of Koolaburra.

Should I buy UGGs a size bigger?

UGGs typically accommodate true-to-size. However, you want your new UGGs to be comfy. Over time, the internal part of UGG might start to flatten. And then, the pair can mould to your foot, and more room inside will be created. As a result, try to buy them around an inch or half inches smaller than your regular boot size. 

Am I supposed to wear UGGs with socks?

Experts always recommend wearing genuine UGG boots without socks. This brand’s footwear made from Australian sheepskin is developed in a special way requiring no extra woolen material like socks inside. As a result, you can experience enough comfort and warmth. 

Final Words

Now, you know the top differences between LAMO boots vs UGGs, don’t you? 

Though both show similarities a lot, some key contrasts make them unique. Hopefully, you may differentiate them better than ever! 

That’s all for today. Best of luck with your next boots purchase!

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